Summer Shred Challenge Results!

De-load week is OVER and we have brand new cycle starting next week! The focus of our next cycle will be more on the STRENGTH side of things but we will be incorporating your first weightlifting COMPLEX into class and getting you used to those rings. 

The basic structure of the week will look like this
Pause Back Squats
Wall Walks

Push Press


Squat Clean Complex
False Grip Pull-ups

We will also be testing a “Girl” workout during Mondays Metcon, get your legs ready to rick n roll!

I want to congratulate all the Radix Members who just completed the Summer Shred Challenge and CRUSHED IT! We had such a cool and diverse group this time from 20 years old to 71 years old! It doesn’t matter your age just that you want work hard and live healthy!

The results spoke for themselves as these guys and gals crushed it! Parth lost 10 pounds of fat and gained a 1.5 pounds of muscle. Jess lost 8 pounds of fat and 1 gained pound of muscle. Craig lost 12 pounds of fat and gained 1 pound of muscle. Laura lost 7 pounds of fat and gained 1.5 pounds of muscle. Fernando lost 9 pounds of fat and gained .5 pounds of muscle. Lisa lost 11 pounds of fat and gained 1 pound of muscle. Heather lost 8.5 pounds of fat and gained 1.5 pounds of muscle. 

Pretty F’ing AWESOME right?! I want you to hear what a couple fo them had to say about the challenge!

Jess L. “Something I loved: I loved that it was both an individual challenge and the community aspect. Seeing other participants at classes or at weigh-ins was a great reminder that I wasn’t in this alone; it gave us a chance to swap tips, to groan and laugh together and to feel part of something bigger than just our own goals.

Something I learned: It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. 

Something I’d say to someone on the fence: Just do it. Thinking about doing a shred it actually so much more difficult than actually just doing the thing — and it can take so much longer to wonder whether you should or shouldn’t than to just get going. Joining a group shred takes the guesswork out of it. You just hop on the train, follow the rules and boom. You’re in motion”

Laura M. “I LOVED doing the challenge with a group/community.  The support from you and Rachael was amazing but it was nice to chat with the other participants, especially us girls, and discuss meal planning, dealing with family meals, hormones, and of course my challenges with Craig and keeping him on the program 😉.  At least everyone got a few laughs.  

I learned how important it is to eat regularly, particularly breakfast.  I love eating my breakfast now – never miss it.  And then there are the post workout shakes – again very important. 

 I also learned how important the accessory work is in order to achieve goals.  I did 20 pull ups with the black band last week during testing week.  TWENTY!  Then I was able to string together 4 toes to bar today with Tyler – twice!  So the specific accessory work to strengthen my lats absolutely works and was crucial to my success with my goals. 

Thank you both so very much for all you do for us!  I LOVE our Radix family and this amazing community!”

Doing the Challenge isn’t EASY but it is easier than you think and the only thing holding you back from the best version of you is your mindset. The cool thing is between the Coaching and Community you’re STRONGER than you could ever be on on your own.

There’s a verse in the Bible thats super applicable
Ecclesiastes 4:12- “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”

Our NEXT 8 Week Challenge is COMING… September 2024. Early Bird Pricing Coming this week, keep an eye out!

AND THE WINNER of the SUMMER SHRED Challenge and $500 cold hard Cash is…

Heather Kenalty!

She did absolutely amazing, fighting through some small injuries and getting LEAN AF!

Congratulations Heather!

Coach Dan