Summer WOD Series #2 – SANDSTORM

Team Radix took off to the beach last weekend for a awesome day of workouts, BBQ and Spike Ball tourney!

We were missing about half the team but still had such an amazing time! Check out this partner workout we did!

In Teams of 2
100 DB Snatches 50/35
Swim Relay 50m 1 partner at a time
100 Burpees
Swim Relay 50m 1 partner at a time
100 DB Thrusters 50/35
Swim Relay 50m 1 partner at a time
Run DB up Hill to Finish line

Man this was a leg burner! Especially high stepping out of the water on the way out of the swim! Everybody was moving at a high pace which kept the teams close and moving fast through the whole workout. We had so much fun and the water was so refreshing each round you got to swim. I think Radix needs a pool! LOL

After the workout we had a big BBQ where we made grass fed beef burgers and free range sausages, followed by some doughnuts for dessert!

Then we played a spike ball tourney, which if you’ve never played is one of the funnest team games ever! Some paddleboarding and swimming capped off quite a day at the beach.

Thanks everyone for such a awesome day and I hope everyone who missed can join us next time!