Team Radix does Canadian Ninja Warrior!!

Last Saturday, 23 of our members plus Rach and I ventured over to Free Run Inc. Obstacle Course gym in Mississauga to take our shot at a Obstacle Course challenge we called Canadian Ninja Warrior!

There were 3 very distinct challenges! The first was the army style obstacle course that had us jumping fence like we were running from the cops, scaling up ramps and flying down the other side then climbing an army net where we had to barrel roll over the top, flip down the other side as fast as we could! As CrossFitters you didn’t have to tell us more, we were 100% IN !!

The second challenge was running the warp wall!!! Man that thing is so much bigger in real life lol. We had some seriously valiant efforts and some epic bails but no one was able to do it during the comp because your legs are pretty fried going straight from the obstacle course and having to run the wall right away. Big shout out to Jacob who was able to do the wall a couple times on fresh legs! Also big shoutout to Tom who probably took the biggest bail!

The last challenge was the Ninja warrior rig with all the different things you had to keep holding on to as you made it across! Man this was a forearm and bicep killer. I was so impressed with how strong our females are! Watching Leyanna, Annik and Danielle make their way across the ladder was just amazing! You guys did Radix Proud!

The coolest thing was talking to one of the owners Tyler afterwards and him telling me how awesome and fun our group is! That really mean so much to me, watching our community grow  and get stronger and fitter together is really amazing. Thanks guys!