What a great week of testing! I got so many emails and saw so many Pr’s its hard to keep track. Im pretty sure 95% of you PR’d at least one lift if not multiple lifts last week and either PR a conditioning workout or did you first Nancy or Cindy!

I know The Nutrition Club Mens Chat was going off about how much they hated those B***** Nancy and Cindy LOL

First of all I want to say Im so proud and excited for you all who trained HARD for 7 weeks, progressed each week and came out swinging Testing week and put up some awesome numbers, I honestly LOVE and LIVE for it!

To me its so important your write down or track all your PR’s in the Push Press App or on your phone or write it on your hand with pen lol but seeing your progression over time helps so much and using those numbers for our next training cycle helps you hit proper training stimulus. We will be re-testing one of those girl workouts in the next training cycle.

Daniella just wrapped up her Semi Finals workouts this past weekend. We’re just waiting to see where she ends up and have her scores validated, a bigger write up will come up once its all said and done BUT workout 2 she came 22nd in the Whole World, thats pretty AMAZING!

We are in “de-load” week and I had a couple 930ers tell me we need to give it a new name LOL so we’ll call it re-load week. Todays Radix BEEP TEST was a lot of fun, I saw some people running like they’ve never run before to get into that last round, super awesome. Coach Ty even did it twice because he missed the cut off on the last round his first attempt.

SO what’s coming up?! Our next cycle will start next week and the focus will be … HYPERTROPHY!
If you’re thinking what the ‘F’ does that mean? You may not be alone! LOL
What Does Hypertrophy Mean? The term hypertrophy means excessive (or hyper) growth (or trophy). It is the thickening or enlargement of cells that leads to an increase in the size of the respective tissue and organ. It is caused in response to changes in the environment, genetics, or biological factors.

In simple terms it means GAINS bro! Hypertrophy training will allow us to build more lean muscle, which will help with your metabolism, fat burning and looking good on the beach. It also helps when we go back to strength training as you’ll have more lean muscle to work with.

A little basic lesson it rep ranges for specific adaptation.
Rep range 1-5 Testing Strength
Rep Range 1-6 Developing Strength
Rep Range 7-12 Developing new muscle (hypertrophy)
Rep Range 13+ Muscle Endurance

You’ll see a majority of our work coming up in the 8-12 rep range and its gonna burn!

If you want to maximize your gains in this cycle! I’d highly recommend talking to Coach Rach about our Nutrition Club and how the nutrition + this style training will help you develop NEW LEAN muscle and BURN fat at the same time. hello@radixgym.com, we’re having an absolute blast with our Nutrition Club members and the daily chat groups!

Hope you have an amazing Monday!

Coach Dan