The # 1 Rule to Losing Fat

Probably the most inquired about question in the WHOLE Fitness Industry is how do I lose more Fat or Weight. People don’t want to have extra weight on them and even people who say they don’t care do in a deeper way.

Our body is constantly trying to survive, it’s the most amazing thing the way we were created. The whole process from birth to death and surviving in between is just incredible if you really think about it. So why do we humans have such self destructive tendencies?  We want to eat too much and sit too long, we want to drink too much and not sleep enough, we want to find the path of least resistance.

So in turn we reap the benefits of our behavior and we store fat, everybody store fat a little differently, some people on their stomachs, some on their hips, some in the face and some all of the above.

So what’s the first step and the #1 rule to losing weight? 

You need to be in a caloric deficit, the only way for you to lose weight is to eat less calories then the amount you put out in a day. This can happen in one of three ways. 1. You eat less 2. You exercise/move more 3. you do a combo of both.

It’s amazing how intricate the body is but how simple this process is. You see when we burn more than we consume our body starts to use the extra fat we have as fuel and burns it as energy needed to be alive, to move, play and exercise. I find number 3 is the best approach. Eat a little less and move a little more and you’ll notice a difference within the first week. If you want to crank it up a notch and make sure each one of your meals is made from whole foods and your results are better and then make sure you eat the right amount of protein, carbs and fat and you are on track for a 6 pack.

But the #1 rule will always apply, you could workout tell your blue in the face and eat only healthy organic foods you picked from a farm yourself and if you eat more than you put out you won’t lose fat.

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-Coach Dan