The #1 Way to Stay Overweight and Out of Shape for Life!

Last Week I wrote an Article on the top 10 ways to stay overweight and out of shape for life. I got a huge response from that article and it was so awesome to see how many of you really could resonate with 1 or ALL of those 10 things. If you missed it, theres a theory of Inversion Thinking that when you pose a question as a problem vs. an answer, our brains work better at solving problems rather than just being given solutions.

This year I’ve had this clear vision of what my mission is and with the knowledge and skill set Ive been given I truly believe Im here to help the average person live a longer, healthier and fulfilling life.

The number one way and I believe this with all my heart that you can stay overweight and out of shape for life is START TOMORROW!!

The saddest thing I hear from people is I need to get in shape to come to the gym or I’m just not ready to make the commitment or my life is too busy to do 3 hours of training a week, heck I saw a post in a Dads FB group of a Dad asking for help for easy 30 minute workouts in his basement because “Im lazy” and just wont go to the gym. There’s nothing wrong with 30 minute basement workouts but when your mindset is they need to be “easy” and self proclaiming yourself as “lazy” is just a disastrous mindset.

We learned in school long time ago procrastination never ever pays off, it usually leads to long nights of studying and a lack of sleep and feeling hungover the next day.

Starting tomorrow means never starting at all but even worse you justify it by telling yourself its going to happen tomorrow so you get the gratification of doing something good for yourself without doing a damn thing!

We can fix this though! It’s the mindset, first of all when you think that everyone is looking at you or judging you in the gym just remember people are way too self absorbed in their own world with their own insecurities to be thinking about you and Im not saying this in a negative type of way its just reality, when Im in the gym Im thinking about how my hip feels and how heavy I have to go and how tough and horrible the met-con will be, I don’t have the brain capacity to think about what others are doing.

Now you don’t have to feel or care because we all are insecure in the gym, the dude who is the most jacked and looks at himself in the mirror all the time is most likely the MOST insecure person in the room. You need to show up and get that uncomfortable feeling out of your body and mind, then you make that gym your spot, the place you go to make you better.

That first step into the gym and into that workout is the beginning of your new you and for the next 2 months you show up every single day during the week and you do something, whether its strength training, a hard metcon, a long slow aerobic piece or just stretching your sore muscles, you show up and do something.

This is your new reality, you belong in the gym and you’re worth the time and effort it takes to make your self a healthier version of you. Don’t start tomorrow, tomorrow never actually comes.
Im here in the gym waiting for you.