The CrossFit Open is HERE!

23.1 Was 14.4! This weeks first Open workout was an absolute blast with a throwback to 2014. I remember doing this workout in 2014 with Rach, the year she went to Regionals. We had so much fun as this was the only Open workout I beat her in that year hahaaha. This workout is a classic chipper. but made into an AMRAP so if you do finish you go back to the top. 

The comp team knows all about this as I made them do it 3 weeks ago on one of our Saturday morning training sessions. Just remember Coach always knows whats up LOL and he gets lucky sometimes too!

60 cal Row
50 Toes2Bar
40 Wallballs 20/14
30 Power Cleans 135/95
20 Ring Muscle Ups

It was so great to see so many of you attack it!! Some stand outs this week. Nick Karadza in the 45+ division got 15/20 Muscle ups! Thats an amazing feat on its own nevermind at his old ass age 😉

Jacob almost finished the workout with 19/20 Muscle ups! Thats some good work right there!!

Callum got 4 muscle ups and he just learned how to get his first during the first time we practiced this workout 3 weeks ago! Already improved!

Alex K doing his first Open crushed through the tie break time at a crazy speed!

Caroline was doing touch n go power cleans on the RX weight like a joke!

Allison and Suzanne took on the scaled version and was so cool to have me walk them through some strategy before they attacked it.

It doesnt matter whether you’re an OG or brand new there’s a version of the workout for you, you just have to try and see your so uch better than you actually think you are and the only thing holding you back is your view of yourself. I believe in each and everyone of you!

Coach Daniel