The De-Load Blues

Proper training and periodization also requires proper rest and de-loading to make a proper program, especially if you wanna get the #gainz you’ve been training for!

Hear me out, if training causes a breakdown for your body to adapt and get bigger and stronger, when does the bigger and stronger happen? It’s not during the training, its during the rest that comes after.

If you’ve been at a program for over 8 weeks without some type of de-loading it’s time to take a calculated break and reap the rewards of everything you’ve been doing.

Think of de-loading not as a time of losing gains but of allowing your body to make more gains. This allows your body time to do what it does best and heal and come back stronger both mentally and physically!

This doesn’t mean you don’t do anything! It means you spend time on doing fun things or light workouts or mobility, try a boxing class or play frisbee. Keep moving cause your body loves that best. Write down your goals for your next training cycle and get excited for it!

If your Coach doesn’t have you de-load or your program doesn’t, you might wanna find a new one.

Coach Dan