The Depths of My Mind- My first time Floating

I was offered by a friend to try Floating for this first time ever last week. Now Floating if you have no idea is where you go to a indoor float tank facility that looks like a really nice spa and they have float tanks that has a 1000 pounds of salt at a comfortable temperature and you get down to nothing  and get in with ear plugs shut the door and lay in the water and you just float. No senses are being used and you are completely weightless. You can’t feel, taste, hear or see anything. All that’s left is just you and your mind…

At first I thought this was a horrible idea for me, my mind goes constantly, from figuring what I need to post on social media for the gym, to blog posts to what client is coming in next and what we’re working on to new marketing ideas my brain buzzes along at a high speed. I’m on the move or trying to accomplish something from 4:59 to 5 or 630 pm everyday of the week. Too be honest I was a little scared of what I would find if I just laid there with nothing to focus on. I had a bet with ENoch that I couldn’t last longer than 26 minutes I believe, you’re supposed to stay in for an hour!

Let me guide you through my mind during the 54 minutes that I lasted in float tank.

Minute 0- I’m for sure going to drown if I fall asleep
Minute 1- Damn I’m actually floating, kinda cool
Minute 3- 20 minutes must have passed by now
Minute 5- This kinda relaxing, I can see why people do this
Minute 7- I’m must be almost finished
Minute 10- starting to zone out
Minute 20- Damn I’m like the king of Zen
Minute 21- I wonder if people come in here high, that would be trippy
Minute 25- I can’t feel my toes, awesome
Minute 26- I CAN’T FEEL MY TOES, where are they????!!!
Minute 27- *Touch base of the tank* OH there they are
Minute 28- What happens if I push off with my feet?
Minute 28:15- OUCH! That was my head smacking the top
Minute 30- Weeeeeeee, this is fun back and forth from toes to hands! 
Minute 35- The guys said something about salt water getting into my ears
Minute 36- If the salt water goes into my ears will it go to my brain?
Minute 37- Am I already blind?
Minute 38- Daniel, you need to relax man
Minute 40- Just Chillin, straight chillin
Minute 45- I gotta pee
Minute 46- The waiver said if I pee in here it s a $1000 charge
Minute 47- How many Personal Training Sessions would I have to do to make that?
Minute 50- I’ve been in here for 3 hours, dude at the desk is sleeping for sure.
Minute 54- K if I was rich I’d for sure pee in here but I gotta get out!

Overall, I had quite a cool experience, delt with some fears, had some time to relax and didn’t really think about the gym at all. I slept really well that night and my healing arm felt very relaxed. They say you have to do it at least a couple times to get more and more benefit from it, and I would agree as so many things in life are that way. I will go again and see if I can zone out longer, pray a bit more find a real state of relaxation. I think you should try it too.

Have an awesome Monday!!

-Coach Dan