The KEY to getting the MOST out of your body in 2020!

We are in the last couple days of 2019 and now everyone is thinking about what they want to accomplish in 2020. Setting goals is fun and has us think about what we could be if we really set our minds and bodies to it.

That being said you can have ALL the good intentions in the world and without a proper game plan and then following it out consistently you’ll never hit those 2020 goals.

So I have 2 Rules (concepts) you need to follow this year that will help you find what your looking for.

#1- More is NOT better- When it comes to working out there’s a certain amount of stimulus your body can handle before you either overtrain, get injured, burn out or stall in progress. Adding more,more,more volume, intensity, weight is not the answer. Starting off with a proper plan and gradually building on volume as your body adapts and then adding intensity to create change while the volume comes down gives your body time to adapt and get stronger and use proper resources to recover like fat instead of muscle. You can only handle so much stress in your life at one time before your body just shuts down. Trust me I know I spent the last 6 days during the Christmas Holidays NOT with family and friends but in my bed the sickest I’ve ever been for 6 days, body literally shut down, couldn’t eat cause stomach hurt so bad, couldn’t sleep because I had this migraine that made my eyes feel like they were being stabbed. I pushed November and December super hard with gym events, 70+ hour weeks, 6 week challenges, We moved into a new home, reno’d it and I decided I was going to Assault Bike 12 hours straight and started training for that while I’m still rehabbing from shoulder surgery.  My body literally shut down, its 1 week from when I got sick today and I feel normalish for the first time, I still have really low energy and a small appetite and I weigh 200 pounds which I haven’t been since 2012-2013. I look like skeletor 🙁 I didn’t do any of the things I should’ve because the rules to apply to Coach 😉 I should;ve de-loaded my volume, taken some days off… Next year

Respect your body and be patient with change and it will LOVE you for it, disrespect it and take advantage of it and you Will pay the price eventually and sometimes that means missing ALL of Christmas.

#2- Less is NOT better- WTF? Didn’t I just say the opposite? Now we’re talking about the other and arguably more important part of being the best you can be in 2020, your diet!

When people start cutting out calories they naturally lose weight, amongst ALL the BEST Nutritionists in the World the science shows you WILL lose weight when you consume less than you put out in a day, the problem lies when you start to follow that path over and over and keep cutting and cutting. Your body is so SMART!! Your metabolism will start to match your intake and slow down to meet your new caloric intake and the longer you stay in an extreme deficit the more your metabolism slows. Your body is just trying to keep you alive. 

Its ok if you’ve been doing this forever your not stuck as long as you start eating at maintenance again your bodies metabolism will re-adjust but the longer your in an extreme deficit the longer it takes to get your metabolism back up.

SO how do you combat this? You take 6 week periods where you go in a deficit and focus on your weight loss followed by 2 weeks of maintenance calories or a bit of a caloric surplus to let your metabolism build back up and then you can go back to caloric deficit again. It’s a fine balance that someone with knowledge should be doing for you and you should be following the process religiously to get the most out of it.

My client Greg Coffin, is the perfect example. Greg came to me finished with his University Football career and started his career as a teacher, he worked out all the time and had no idea how to eat properly, we did a body scan, I looked at his diet and designed him phase 1, Greg checks in with me religiously every week. Greg was 275 pounds 29% bodyfat when we started. After the first 3.5 months he was down to 244 pounds and 22% bodyfat!! Didn’t lose an ounce of muscle! Amazing right? but he was also stuck, his metabolism had found a new set point. SO you would think we would drop calories right?! He was ready and motivated… NO NO NO I let him eat whatever he wanted for a WHOLE week ad to eat a LOT. He was pumped and scared, I told him to eat intuitively and enjoy life before we started phase 2. He gained 1 pound on his week off and he ate quite a bit he said, we went to phase 2 and that included eating MORE than phase 1 during the next 2 months Greg went from 245 pounds at 22% bodyfat down to 230 pounds at 19% bodyfat!!! Now we’re talking! He’s eating MORE and LOSING MORE!!! Because he follows and trusts the process. He now got a week off for Christmas and we are into to phase 3 and looking for 220. From 275 down to 230!? From 29% bodyfat down to 19%?! Thats what can happen when you listen and trust in a process I know that works. Amazing job Greg you’re an inspiration buddy! 220 here we come!

If you’er ready to make 2020 that year for you we still have a couple spots left in the January 6 week challenge, you should email me today to get ready? Because I know there’s another Greg out there who is going to make themselves a whole new person in 2020 and I can’t wait to write an article about you.

Coach Dan