The NUMBER 1 WAY to Keep Weight off After you Lose it!

I’ve been studying a lot of books, podcasts and studies about everything to do with sustainable weight loss and living a lean and healthy life. As part of my mission to change as many lives as possible only part of the process is the losing the weight and probably the easier part.

The other part is keeping that weight off for life. I don’t want to just change a life for a couple months. I want them to change for the rest of their lives.

One of my goals is for someone to come up to me at 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 year marks of me helping them and say “Look Coach, I’m still here, I’m still doing this!”

Check out my friend Richard Redden, some of you know him from the gym at 5:30 class from before Covid and now at the 6 45 class again. Rich is a 10+ Year Radix Transformation CHECK OUT HIS VIDEO HERE

11 Years ago I helped Rich lose over 40 pounds and he’s stayed within 10 pounds of that ever since! Rich is flippin 65 years old and an inspiration, he trusted me and his life changed because of it!

So what does it take to KEEP the weight off, they did studies on a lot of different weight loss groups and there were multiple ways to lose weight but they tracked these people over the long term and tried to find the common grounds of what diet styler or circumstance led to long term maintenance of weight loss and do you know what they found? 

The style of diet didn’t matter as long as they stuck with it (the diets that work all run on the same principles 1. Calorie restriction 2.Higher than normal protein intake), but the ones who kept the weight off long term actually changed their identity.

No they didn’t go get a new name and a passport, they STOPPED identifying as a fat person, they had alter-ego type moments where they believed they were no longer the person they used to be and assumed being the new person they were. You may think there’s no way but I’ve seen it happen with Tony in our last 2 challenges, he is NOT the same man and he will NEVER be that man again, I love the new Tony! 

Actor Ethan Suplee’s transformation from an obese high school football player in the 2000 film Remember the Titans to a hugely muscular in shape man going from 550 pounds down to 230 pounds is astonishing and he’s kept that weight off long term. He posts on instagram all the time after workouts “Another workout done, burying the man I used to be” Its a common theme.

Its not a one time thing either, it’s a constantly killing the person you were and letting that new person reign in your life.

Food addiction is one of the worst addictions to have, Imagine telling a meth addict “ok so you’re gonna have meth at this amount and only on these days” or a gambling addict “ok so you get $10 to gamble and only on Sundays” Its like relapsing over and over again but with food you can’t quit it you have to control it and do that you MUST become someone who you weren’t and become accountable to someone else in the process.

Are you ready to be the person you want to be? That person that lives in you who is an absolute animal in the gym and lives life on a whole different level than the norm?

We’re ready to help you get there, all you have to do is ask.