The ONLY WAY to Start Monday Morning

It’s Monday Morning and another week is probably looking over your head, with deadlines coming or school starting again in just 1 week, there’s always 1 million things to do. At least on a Friday night you can push things off until Monday Morning.

Then Monday Morning comes and everything hits the fan, decisions need to be made, gyms need to be opened, emails need to be sent and your off to the races.

So how do you start your Monday off right? Hopefully you don’t set your alarm to give you just enough time to make it to 6am class on time 😉

Listen the best things in life come with a little sacrifice, so I have a challenge for you and you can do this Tuesday Morning and see how you feel but it’s something I’ve been doing for a while after my Dad and I had a conversation about it.

Set your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier, just 5 minutes, I know I know I have a baby too but I do this too. Get dressed, have some water, breakfast,coffee and then sit down for 5 minutes before you leave the house, yes sit, OK actually do this with me right now, hopefully your not reading this and driving but take a second with me and take a deep breath and exhale, do it again and 1 more time. Ok now we can talk, We all have stress in our lives in different ways and some of us carry a lot more than others but just remember with big loads comes big growth as human beings. 

Ok 1 more big deep breath in and exhale nice and slow.

I want you to think of the 3 things in life you are most grateful for, right now, the first 3 things that pop to mind are probably them but take a second and think of those 3 things.

Now WHY are you so grateful for those 3 things? What makes them special to you? 
What moments and memories come with these things?

When we start to think about and are grateful for these things in our life it puts into perspective our Monday morning blues. Hey (I think about the same 3 things a lot but sometimes I get deeper and think about circumstances, situations, people I’m grateful for and Monday Morning time before the days starts becomes a lot more positive. Staying in a crappy mindset all morning is a bummer and no way to start off an awesome week. 

Today I’m thankful for my wife, my lil Malachi and getting to squat heavy in about 1 hour. That’s a pretty sweet way to start my week.


-Coach Dan