The Radix Insider – Weekly Email # 10

Another Awesome week of training in the books and I see so many of you really excelling in your movement quality! PRs are cool but moving technically sound in a proper Range of Motion is the real victories for long term growth.

Speaking of growth! Radix is growing and its such an awesome feeling, new and excited faces trying to become the best version of themselves in an atmosphere surrounded by so many amazing human beings.

Our new class times are filling up, our old ones are getting full with so much energy, its amazing!

We just sold out our new 8 Week Challenge starting Monday with our biggest group yet! We’re changing lives and it feels so good! We have a waiting list going for our April Challenge already.

If you’re one of our OG members please take the time to talk and encourage our new members and show them why your so proud to be part of Radix and the community it has become and remember being the new person is always intimidating and its way easier when someone helps you along the way.

 I remember my first CrossFit experience! It was my wife Rach who took my through the intro and tried to kill me for 60 minutes. I was post concussion just retired from fighting and she was determine to retire me for good hahaha. I fell in love twice that day, with her and CrossFit.

Remember if you’re newer its all about consistency over time the leads to incredible results! Never stop showing up. No matter how you feel you’ll leave feeling better afterwards! Thats a Coach Tyler guarantee.