The Radix Insider – Weekly Email # 12

We have new Member of the Month and Coach Alli had to chase him down to write this article about him!

I tried my best to catch up with April’s member of the month, Pramod Gopalakrishna, but it wasn’t easy. Why? Because he was busy running extra laps around the building after class. “Why Radix?”, I asked him, between breaths as I struggled to keep up. He smiled his easy smile: “The energy, the atmosphere, and that community feeling. With Dan and Rachael, you just start to feel like part of a family here.” As I cleared my throat, I should mention that he added (completely unprompted) that he also appreciates the amazing coaching staff (his words, I promise).
Pramod has been a member of Radix for a long time but in November of 2022 he started to feel like his fitness had plateaued. His remedy? Accessing Dan’s extra programming! Have you SEEN him lately? In just 6 weeks, Pramod saw a 4% decrease of body fat, a dramatic increase of energy, felt noticeably stronger, and started RX-ing some of the metcons. 
I asked Pramod, who is a busy father of an extremely energetic little girl, how he finds the motivation to come regularly. He talked about the gym being a place that represents time for himself, a place to destress, and he described how often he will arrive feeling tired but leaves energized. It’s a habit – one he chooses regularly.
If you’ve never had a conversation with Pramod, you’re missing out. We are lucky to have such a dedicated, warm, athlete in our midst. Thanks for the energy you bring, Pramod. It wouldn’t be the same here without you! – Coach Alli

I’ve personally been working with Pramod on his extra programming over the last while and its honestly such a pleasure. The man is always positive, always willing to put in the work and never complains about anything. He’s been making some amazing progress and just this past week got his first strict pullup since having shoulder surgery, thats just awesome!

Pramod you deserve it this, I have a gift bag of cool stuff for you!!

Coach Daniel