The Radix Insider – Weekly Email # 6

If you’ve seen him in the gym working with me you know he trains hard and sweats ALOT!
haha Last night Mhhdi WON a big PRO Fight at 3 weight classes heavier than normal! More on that to come in a future email.

Open WOD 23.2a and b in the books! The first time they’ve had shuttle runs in the Open and honestly kinda crappy move by CrossFit in a class setting but it was fun nonetheless and the burpee pull-ups were an interesting challenge! Then a BIG 1RM Thruster afterwards?! Who doesn’t love a heavy lift!

15 mins of shuttles and burpee pull-ups can be a burner if you run hard enough and I saw some of you give’er! Daniella was flying as I saw the pain face in full effect on those last shuttle runs, its a good thing I was counting her reps cause she looked like she didnt know where she was.

Jacob put in a solid all around score with 163 reps and 242 pound Thruster!

Nick, Tyler and Corina put in some great performances in the morning, while Josh Julia and Andrew M went hard in the afternoon.

Then Callum came along and blew 23.2A out of the water, he got 175 reps beating CrossFit Games Athletes who have been on the podium at the Games Pat Vellner, Noah Ohlsen and Roman Khrenokov, thats just absolutely outstanding. Look out for this kid in a year from now.

I loved watching Cherry and Erwins kids Bruce and Robin go at it in the 4:15! and then I get a text from Dave Gambrell with Anna and Alex and they’re doing it in Belize at the local CrossFit Box! Thats what we call a FITFAM! I just freaking love it!

Ravi got his first jumping pull-ups this week in a Metcon and Coach Julie has been impressed with how far he has come over the last while, I always love seeing a Ravi smile in the gym.

I love seeing the Lien vs. Eric scores on the 5:30 class whiteboard in the morning, oh fella’s do I remember those days going head to head with Rach all the time (losing most of them) then going home and thinking man my girlfriend is so cool but I hate her hahahaha

One of our New Members Sheetal is absolutely killing it in the 930am class and I love all the tags I get from her Instagram stories, you’re inspiring and amazing!

RadixFam is the greatest, you all are inspiring and amazing, don’t ever stop!

Coach Daniel