The Sound Track of my Life

Music is a very powerful thing, it can change your mood, it can help you sleep, it can make you want to dance and also make you want to cry. You attach songs to certain times and moments in life that will never leave you. Your Wedding song, your first dance, the music you listened to before your first big sporting performance or on the way home from your first big loss. It’s powerful in ways we may not even understand.

Let’s start with some facts,
 In 2007, the USA Track & Field, the national governing body for distance racing, banned the use of headphones and portable audio players at its official races, creating the rule “to ensure safety and to prevent runners from having a competitive edge.”

Many runners protested the rule (it does remain in effect today, but in an amended fashion) because they know how essential it is to turning on performance and even providing a rewarding workout. That alone speaks volumes for the power of music. How much are you “tuned into” the fact that some really good music can actually improve your enjoyment and performance in a sport or activity? As we’re about to find out, it’s true!  Listening to music before, during, or even after sport and activity can contribute to motivation, performance, and skill learning in a very broad way. Yes, music can enhance athletic performance! 

The world-leading researcher on music for performance, Dr. Costas Karageorghis, who has authored over 100 studies, says that one can think of music as “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug.”

Did you know that one of the greatest distance runners in history, Haile Gebrselassie, synched his stride to the song “Scatman” when breaking the 10,000 metre world record?

In terms of muscle strength, music that is perceived to be motivating can lead to bursts of intensity. This increases your work capacity and can bring about ultra-high levels of explosive power, strength, and productivity. Think of its influence on sprints, high jumps, weightlifting, plyometrics, and even high intensity interval training!

I love music and anyone who has seen me workout in the gym knows I always workout with my orange headphones on, I’ve PR’d a lot of lifts with those headphones listening to my favorite music, I even handstand walk with those orange headphones on. I’m going to give you the soundtrack of some of the most influential points in my life, it’s pretty cool.

8 years Old 6 am Hockey Practice with my Dad – Simon and Garfunkel “The Boxer”

11 years old Provincial Champions for Baseball – Oasis “Wonderwall”

16 years old driving for the first time- The Notorious B.I.G “Mo Money Mo Problems”

16 years old OFSA Champs for Rugby- Blink 182 “All the small things”

17 years old before my first grappling tournament(won it :))- Eminem “Sing for the Moment”

18 years old before my first Muay Thai fight(won it:))- Disturbed “Down with the Sickness”

21 years old doing two a days with 12 hours of fridge and stove moving in between- Foo Fighters “The Pretender”

23 years old before my last boxing fight(won it:))- Disturbed “Stricken”

24 years old during my last fight camp and concussion 🙁 – Linkin Park “Papercut”

27 years old before my first CrossFit Comp(came 2nd :() – Linkin Park – “Points of Authority”

27 years old before my 2nd CrossFit Comp (won it :)) Rick Ross/Jay-Z – ” The Devil is a Lie”

28 years old Coaching Rach at Regionals for CrossFit – Rick Ross ” Im a Boss”

30 years old before Proposing to Rach- Jay-Z  “99 Problems” hahaha JK

30 years old- Wedding Song – “Everything” – Lifehouse

31 years old travelling to Italy – Mumford and Sons ” The Wolf”

31 years old Snatch 270 pounds while listening to – “Fight Night” – Migos

32 years old Snatch 280 pounds listening to- “Thunderstruck” AC/DC

33 years old driving to the Cottage with my wife and son- Luke Combs “Hurricane”

I hope you enjoyed my soundtrack and make sure you use music to your advantage!

~Coach Dan 
Facts Source: © The Health Sciences Academy ®. All Rights Reserved.

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