This is the Year of Radix!

I have this overwhelming feeling of being blessed this year and maybe it’s cause I get to do what I love again full-time and I have a feeling of building something bigger and better than before.

When I see people hitting PR’s it excites me, when I see people training hard consistently it makes me proud, when I get texts saying that they’ve dropped a pant size or a reply to the newsletter saying it changed their thought process it makes me love every second of what I do.

I’m on a mission and I have a clear vision and it a beautiful thing. Im on a mission to help people transform their lives through fitness and nutrition. I’m on a mission to create positive change not only in their bodies but also their minds. I want to help people look and feel better but also become more resilient. Resilient to fatigue, resilient to illness, resilient to becoming a statistic of someone who dies early. Every time I help someone lose weight and gain muscle it’s a win. Every time I change someones mindset on food it’s a win. Every time I help someone believe in themselves and what they can accomplish beyond what they thought they were capable of I take one step closer to my goal and for everyone of those people I reach I might reach a spouse or kids too! I refuse to live by societal norms and I’m determined to change people’s lives through fitness and nutrition. This is why I was put on this earth!

For those of you in the 6 am class you always see JM come in with that smile and then kill a nasty workout getting ready for his next fight. JM is back in the ring for his next pro fight in Hamilton next Saturday night, we just finished up his training camp and he’s looking great. Make sure you wish him luck if you see him before the fight.

Some really awesome improvements have been in my 8 Week Challengers and its amazing to see the results and community built with this group. The Telegram chat is an hilarious experience as Gabe seems to find away to do something crazy in the gym every week and we can talk about foods we’re craving and milestones we’re reaching!

The spotlight this week is on Mr. Andrew Jameson who won or week 2 weekly challenge of getting the most sleep in a week! LOL this is the best challenge, Im literally giving away Creatine for you to sleep more, come on! Don’t you wanna be involved in the next one?! For those of you who don’t know Mr. Jameson, he is Lewis’s father, Lewis was a big part of our community this past summer as my summer intern and just an awesome mate. Andrew has taken his place as Lewis in-listed in the army this past fall. Andrew came to the challenge with Type 2 Diabetes and on a Vegetarian diet. Over the last 3 weeks as he exercised and walked more and incorporated healthy meat back into his diet on the 8 Week Challenge Nutrition program I designed for him! Guess what?! He hit the lowest blood sugar markers he;s had in the last 5 years!!! Thats is life changing, that is health and Im so proud of him taking the step of faith with me to make that change. Just amazing!!

Have an amazing week RadixFam!!

Coach Daniel