Three ways to stay on track during a Holiday Weekend

This past weekend Rach, Malachi and I headed up to the cottage for some fun in the sun and in the water!

I have some goals Im focused on right now so I need to keep my macros on point and make sure I’m eating good food. For me at home it’s super easy and I have it down to science. At the cottage when I’m not in control of the cooking and food being bought and how much of anything is going into anything, things can be a bit more challenging. On top of that it can be hard resisting some of Rach’s mom’s homemade cooking. 

So I was successful at hitting all my macro’s to a tee this weekend! How did I do that, here are the 3 key things you need to do.

1. PLAN AHEAD- This seems like a no brainer but it’s so easily forgotten and takes time and effort to pull off. You need to know what the macros you want to hit are and how many meals that fits into and how and when your going to cook those meals. That just doesn’t happen. We made a trip to the grocery store for everything we needed on the way up. Then we prepped a lot of the food before we ever started relaxing so it was easy to grab and eat. Simple delicious meals kept me satisfied all weekend. You’d be surprised how hard it would be to eat 205 grams of protein per day without preparing. Remember to pack some measuring cups to make sure your getting the right amounts.

2. BBQ- The BBQ is your best friend, tons of flavor on meat and veg with very little extra fat added. Rach’s dad BBQ’d all my chicken thighs with a nice rub and man they were delicious. I  love BBQ everything.

3. Have a BACK-UP Plan- I brought these new 5 Star Protein Bites with me that we’re carrying now that are just oatmeal, protein and maple syrup and they helped fill out my carb and protein needs when I didn’t have enough. They were the perfect on the go snack and they taste awesome with coffee as dessert. I’ve never carried anything like that with me before and they were a life saver! Keeping some extra protein powder on hand and lots of fruit and veggies also helps. Making sure you don’t get ravenous hungry is a huge key in not over indulging at dinner time!

I was really happy with how this weekend went and how good I felt!

Try it out and LMK if you feel WAY better Tuesday morning after the next long weekend!

~Coach Dan