Top Foods for Recovery

First off, I just want to thank you all for reading my weekly thoughts and I hope to provide you with a combination of knowledge, insight and motivation. 

I’m doing really well after surgery, my energy is high, my mind is clear, my body wants to move and my soul is inspired to be better.

Since my whole world is about recovery right now let’s talk about the food that makes up 95% of what I eat right now that keeps my energy high and my body recovering as fast as possible.

1. Proteins- The amino acids in protein are the building blocks of muscle, tendon and ligament repair! Every meal I eat revolves around the “piece de resistance” haha and that’s the protein. Now I have 3 major proteins I use. 1. Wild Fish- The combination of protein and Omega 3’s is a power duo. 2. Grass Fed Beef- GrassFed Beef is packed with nutrient dense protein 3. Paleo Protein- The protein I use is from grass fed beef and not milk as my stomach digests and handles it way better. To eat 220 grams of protein a day I have to eat a lot so the protein powder helps me hit those numbers.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Fruits and Roots- Some fruits have higher anti-inflammatory properties than others and they typically have less sugar too, these guys pack a nutrient-dense punch to fight off inflammation and help the healing process. The best ones? Berries and Rock Fruit (peaches, plums) Load’em up, I have about 5 servings a day right now. Then there’s those roots like Turmeric and ginger, that are inflammation fighting beasts, I blend them into shakes and cook with them too.

3. Nutrient&Mineral Dense Foods- Leafy greens pack a micro-nutrient punch filled with all the goodies you need to recover add some homemade bone broth packed with essential joint recovery nutrients like collagen and you are in your way to being fully recovered! Every meal involves one of these guys, they’re low in calories and high in KO punch like WBO/WBA/WBC World Lightweight Boxing Champ Vasyl Lomachenko, you get a lot from a little!

I hope your inspired to up your recovery game and eat a liitle better!

-Coach Dan