Tough Times and Murph!

The Thiessen Family had a bit of a crazy week to say the least. On Friday afternoon on the way out to Rach’s 40th BDay weekend she had an ultrasound, some of you may have known that Rach was pregnant some of you may not. 

We found out that Rach was pregnant with twins and one had not made it and they weren’t sure about the other who was measuring normal length for a twin at this point in the pregnancy. We had to wait a week for another ultrasound.

We tried to enjoy our weekend away as much as possible, we prayed a lot and enjoyed just being together.

On Tuesday night Rach had a miscarriage and both our beautiful chubby twin boys were also having a rough night, it’s not typical for both of them to be up and crying, it’s usually one or the other, but this night it was both and maybe they knew Mommy was hurting maybe not either way Rach and I were up all night.

This isn’t Rach’s first miscarriage but either way the sense of loss and sadness is real. When we first found out I was filled with joy, other people gave us “you’re crazy” kind of looks and comments. Doesn’t bother me one bit. I look at this life a lot different than most. When people are saving up for retirement and trips I dream of a farm I can work on and my many kids can enjoy. When people think of that new car or a big house that will make them happy, I think about a big tractor and house packed with people I love. I’ve realized that A. Money will never bring happiness and B. The people I love most are what matter most.

I am also 100% convinced in my belief of God and His Son and my purpose on this earth being greater than my selfish ambition. I believe in leaving this world a better place and believe in a God who has my and my families life in His hand and His will being so much greater and better than anything I can imagine or comprehend. I’ve seen this through my whole life and I will continue to believe it tell the day I die. In that I find comfort in the worst times and find purpose in the day to day, there’s a peace I can’t explain and an anxiety that doesn’t exist in His presence.

I didn’t start writing this expecting to write what I did but felt in my heart as I wrote to share. I know it may sound “crazy” but so does having twins after just having twins and Im ok with both those things!

What an awesome Saturday of Murph! You guys absolutely killed it! Im so impressed and proud and for those of you had me program your Murph build up I was just excited to see how far you came.

Some highlights from Murph. In the 7 am group we had Andrew M, Tyler and Daniella all going hard and doing it RX almost rep for rep. That was super cool as Andrew broke away at the end with an awesome 49 minute time with Ty and Daniella in the sub 60 time frame.

Also in the 7am we had Tony getting at his second Murph, Igor, Breanna, Dave B, Edda and James all doing it for the first time and crushing it.

At 8am Dave Hainish set the pace with a blistering first mile with Bryant, Magda,Yash, Sara, Marianne, Pierre and Sam all getting at it and looking good doing it. You guys all rock.

At 9am we had another awesome group of people looking to push themselves to the limits with one of the hardest workouts in CrossFit. Yarra, Rima, Lila, Jenn, Jess, Kevita , Michael and Joseph all got it done and everyone of them crushed it!

As I write this WIll is outside in the rain getting it done, I love it!

You all rock!

Coach Dan