Want a Bigger Squat? 3 Easy Tips

Everybody wants a bigger squat, that’s a fact, and it usually that means you’re already squatting and that’s the perfect start, but I bet you’re not doing these 3 things to help that Squat grow… Check ’em out:
1. Unilateral Leg Work
If you don’t do any 1-leg exercises (lunge,step-up, RDL variations) your missing out on gains and could be developing some imbalances left to right. I would start off with Back Rack alternating Lunges with 5 reps per leg for 3 sets and do a progressive overload over 4 weeks. so week 1 do 95 pounds, week 2 115 pounds, week 3 135 pounds and week 4 155 pounds. It lets your body adapt into the new pattern and get strong without overloading to fast.
2. Core Specific Exercises
A solid core is what’s going to keep your body in 1 piece under a huge squat and yes you do work your core during all your squat sets you do every week but I believe a few extra sets of specific core work go a long way for a Bigger Squat and injury free body! Weighted plank holds and Dead Bugs are 2 of my favourites! Weighted Planks for 3 sets of 60 second holds and dead bugs for 3 sets of 10 reps each side.
3. Eat More
The amount of guys who ask me why their squat stay stagnant while they’re cutting to have abs is astounding lol, your body needs the right fuel to recover after each heavy squat day and get stronger. At the very least you shouldn’t be in a calorie deficit. More preferable your in a Calorie surplus where your body has more to store into make sure they’re good calories so your less likely to store it as fat and use it for muscle repair and growth. If you eat 3-500 cals more a day then you burn and have a macros balance of 30% Protein 30% fat 40% Carbs that’s a good place to start! Try 1 or all 3 of these and I know that Squat will be moving in the right direction!