Welcome to The Radix Insider

Welcome to Radix Insider! This is the weekly email for Radix Members about Radix Members. We want to highlight all the amazing things that happen in the gym every week and we want to highlight your achievements! We also want to keep you up to date with all the cool events we have coming up so you don’t miss anything.

If you have something cool happen at Radix I NEED to know! Please email me and by cool I mean PR’s or Technique break throughs or getting your first pull-up, We wanna know everything and we want to celebrate with you.

This Week was honestly awesome! My 8 Week Challenge peeps are on a mission and I see how hard they work and train with intent. This week we had a step challenge for who could get the single most steps in a day and the winner gets a FREE Box of LMNT’s! Everyone has been on the move and Will D from 6am did over 30 000 steps one day, thats fricken amazing.

If you’re in around 7am you’ll see Coach Greg doing something that looks awfully familiar to CrossFit hahaha. He’s back on the 8 Week challenge and looking for a 6 pack, Im in control of all his training and Im slowly converting him into a CrossFitting and cardio machine, he crushed 200 cals for time on the Echo Bike this week!

I had a quick conversation with Allison M. from 930 class this week and she was telling me about how she’s working through a knee injury right now but still showing up everyday to put the work in and do the mobility and rehab necessary to get her knee back in the game. I have so much respect for that attitude. It’s very easy to get frustrated and give up but that’s not the best way for you physically or mentally and Im so proud of how she handles herself.

It was really nice to celebrate Coach Alli’s Birthday this week, she coached class on her Birthday like a real CrossFit coach does and then it was Laura McLaughlin’s Birthday on Friday and like the absolute beauty she is she brought homemade Tiramisu for everyone on her Birthday. Happy Birthday Alli and Laura!

Todays Bring a Friend Day was a blast! Thank you all who brought a friend or family member!! It was so great meeting everyone! It really means so much to us when you tell people how much you love it here at Radix and your bringing health and fitness as a gift to a loved one!

Our Mission this year at Radix is to keep each and everyone of you inspired to have the best year you can possibly have physically and mentally. We want to give you the resources necessary to live life on a whole different level. 

Coach Daniel