What’s Holding You Back in 2023?

Every year I take a look back and think about how we could have made more of an impact on our community here at Radix. I take a look at people’s development from different angles.

The things I look at are Strength Development, Conditioning Development, Mental Strength Development and Body Composition (Nutrition). Over the course of a year there should be an increase in general and specific strength both with external weight and bodyweight. Your Barbell lifts should increase as well as your ability to do more pull-ups and pushups. I can see those changes in members and PRs never lie.

Conditioning Development has different types of adaptation but the easiest way to tell is by the test we do every 6-8 weeks and watching something like your 1 mile run improve. Watching you attack metcons rather than them looking like they’re abusing you is another way to see your development both conditioning wise and your mental resilience.

Mental Strength might be one of the most underrated adaptations in all of training. As a human we are constantly looking for the easiest path for everything, it’s a survival mechanism. The problem lies in the fact that adaptation never takes place in your comfort zone, getting out of your comfort zone EVERYDAY leads to a strong mind over time and that translates to all parts of your life. Going into a Metcon knowing its going to hurt, living in that hurt as you give it your all, then conquering that feeling as you complete it is your path to Mental Fortitude and growth, never stay comfortable.

Body Composition will change with hard training but will get stagnant real quick if you’re not keeping proper nutrition habits. This is where I know people struggle the most, it’s the hardest part for two reasons. 1. Having the right knowledge of what and when to eat, there’s so much info and so many diets and so many guru’s 2. Being held accountable for your actions, the discipline of staying on track and fuelling your body properly is not just a hard 20 min metcon or a 5 x 5 Back Squat. It’s 24/7 365, you have to eat to survive but do you use it as fuel or is it for pleasure or to hide stress and make you feel better? Are you addicted to sugar? Do you under eat and then binge? The struggle is different for each and everyone of us but Nutrition is the key to a healthy life, a proper body composition and making the best muscle and strength gains in the gym.

This year if you’re already getting in the gym 3+ times a week your focus and energy should be on your nutrition. Finding what works for you. What gives you energy and gives your performance in the gym a boost , helps you recover faster and burn more fat. Everybody is different and what works for each person changes but the principles of nutrition and how the body responds is all the same, it’s applying those principles to you and your body on a daily basis is what will make all the difference in the world. Small consistent changes over time creates BIG and LASTING changes in the future.

We have different options here at Radix of helping you achieve your goals through nutrition.

8 Week Challenge- Our 8 Week Challenges are the most bang for your buck in terms of knowledge, results and accountability. We take all the guess work out, design specific a Nutrition plan for you and your goals, keep you accountable on a daily basis and you get amazing results because of it. We do 4 Challenges a year and pride ourselves on the results we get.

1 on 1 Personal Nutrition Programming- We sit down and go over your lifestyle habits and goals, we also do a InBody Scan to find out what your BodyFat percentage is how much muscle mass you have and how much water you carry. From there we design a nutrition plan for you. We check in once a week and re-test scans every 4 weeks to see the results of your hard work.

2023 is the time to take your nutrition seriously and get the results you’ve been wanting. If you’re ready to take that step email me at radixperformance@live.com