What’s Holding YOU Back?

I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can help more people and how the people I help can make that a long lasting lifetime decision. I want to make a difference in this world and have an impact that will last a lifetime. Thats my mission and Im 100% committed to that process.

One of my biggest thoughts is what Holds people back from becoming healthy? What stops them from making major changes? We have a nation thats more obese than ever with more information about how to be healthy than ever. How and why does that happen?!

I don’t think there’s one answer but I do think that there’s an explanation of what’s happening with society this day and age.

1. We’re Scared – The unknowable is scary, change is scary, not knowing what to believe is scary. Fear is crippling and puts you in a state of defence and not on the attack so we stay where we feel comfortable and that’s away from the place that can create change and change is scary so taking that first step becomes an impossible feat. We’re also scared to fail, what if it doesn’t work or workout?

2. We’re Self-Conscious – We don’t like the way we look, or how we think people perceive us. We think we’re in a reality show where all eyes are on us at all times and its only showing our worst features. We believe everyone else has it together from their Instagram highlight reels. 

3. We’re Uneducated – With the amount of information available we don’t know what to believe anymore, who’s trying to take advantage of us, who’s a charlatan, who’s just making shit up on the spot. So we we have a bunch of useless knowledge that has no practical application to real life. We’re actually dumber than ever.

4. We’re Not Held Accountable – You’re uncomfortable? Don’t do it, it must not be good. Heaven forbid I had to do something that makes me feel uncomfortable. Let me tell you something, NOTHING GROWS without becoming Uncomfortable first, do you think roots breaking out of a seed to plant itself in the ground is pleasant? Do you think Iron put into the fire to turn to unbreakable steel is a comfortable experience? Muscle growth ONLY happens AFTER Breakdown. Someone needs to hold you accountable to being ok with being uncomfortable and making change.

So what’s holding you back? Are you scared? Are you self-conscious? Do you now know what to do? Are you not being held accountable? Is it a little bit of everything?

Taking the first step is actually the hardest part of the whole process, like ripping a band aid off but after you take that first step get pass the fear, get pass the feeling of being inadequate, find the right Coach and approach who has the knowledge and ability to hold you accountable, the road to success is not too long travelled before real change starts happening and that change leads to motivation and long lasting habits that compound and over time you become a whole NEW person.

Over the last 15 years I’ve developed and built a systematic approach to how to help people get results and results that last and become habits that last a lifetime. 
My Mission is to help as many people do that as possible.

If you’re ready Im ready for you!