What’s your Motivation?

Motivation! Now there’s a word see thrown around all over the place these days. #motivationmonday right? I think finding external sources of motivation are great, videos of your fav athlete, quotes from weirdo philosophers or just seeing somebody do something crazy at the gym, I love it all.

The problem with those are they’re temporary fixes, they don’t really last when the going really gets tuff. What’s gonna motivate you when you can’t breathe and you have 10 reps to go in a metcon, or when its the last 400 meters of a triathlon and your legs just don’t wanna move faster?

What’s your internal motivation? What inside of you pushes you to be the best you can be when all odds are set against you ? Finding that is what will help you through the toughest of workouts and the toughest of times. Whether that’s the family you’re looking to set an example for, or the olympics that you know you were meant to be at, that’s what you need to succeed on the highest level.

Find your motivation and find your life! I did a lil experiment with my Kombat Strength Class and offered the winner of a metcon a brand new Hylete TShirt branded CrossFit RPX and the result was unreal! These guys murdered themselves for a T-shirt! I was impressed, the problem wasn’t that workout but the ones after when there was no T-Shirt on the line, how hard did they push then? … Food for thought