Where does the Motivation Come from? The Secret to Long term Training Success

I’ve been training hard for a long time now. Kinda longer than I want to think about as each year just goes by way too fast. Not only have I been training for a long time hard, it’s been a long time and super consistent no matter what the circumstance.

I’ve missed a week here and there, taken a couple weeks off at max after surgeries and when Malachi was born but besides that trained very consistently since I was in my teens.

So whats the key to the longevity game? How do you stay motivated 24/7? How do you show up ready to throwdown day after F’ing day?! I’m sure Gary Vee or Tony Robbins has some motivational social media post for you for every day of the week. That may work for you some days or may just make you hate their guts. 

So I want to say FORGET your motivation, If you only train when your motivated then your destined to fail, NOBODY is motivated every day of their lives, impossible, if they tell you they are their LIARS and spend way too much time pretending to be real! Motivation will come and motivation will go, days will be awesome and days will be horrible. That’s the ebbs and flows of life. In fact that’s how we grow as human beings, without the hard times how do we become more resilient and become stronger? We don’t! Without the wind as resistance how does the trees roots grow deeper? They don’t!!

The biggest thing you need to know is that your motivation will fail you and that’s ok, now your on the right track for long term success. (F)orget your motivation, whens it there USE it, when it’s not F it.

The next thing you need to know is that you have to have a WHY that makes you show up anyways.

Figure out WHY you HAVE to show up. I refuse to be anything less than the best I can be and I will be that for my Family. I have to show up, I have to go to work I have to train and lead by example. I have to do it for them. SO no matter what my motivation is that day I have to show up.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t train everyday, I listen to my body and I’ve been way better about pulling back when I need to but I still train at least 4 times every single week. I hit it HARD most days and I recover and do it again.

Let me just tell you, you just got to show up! When you show up AMAZING Things happen! I feel like we are created to do amazing things and if we allow ourselves the opportunity we DO them, but you have to show up, you have to be relentless with your pursuit of those things, no matter how you feel, JUST SHOW UP!

The rest of the day turns out so much better

-Coach Dan