Why CROSSFIT? Won’t you get HURT?

rossFit has gotten a bad wrap in certain ways over the years. Heck when I was fighting I thought it was ridiculous and I had no idea why, just cause it was different and not traditional or what I was used to. I finally went to a box (CrossFit gym) and my whole world and view changed.

The first thing we’re going to do is debunk 3 CrossFit Myths. And instead of me writing it all out just check out the video I did debunking CrossFit and injuries, CrossFit and Ladies getting BULKY, CrossFit and Pull-ups! They’ve been feeding YOU LIES!
Just Watch

Next let me tell you WHY YOU NEED CrossFit

1. COMMUNITY– There are LOTS of psychology studies done on people’s happiness, sense of fulfillment and belonging. We as humans are not meant to go at this life alone in isolation, that is the saddest version of existence. We are meant and designed by God to love and be part of something much greater than ourselves. CrossFit provides a place of meeting where people share highs and lows and encourage each other to be happier and healthier.

2. GROWTH – For growth to happen, physically, mentally, emotionally we MUST be pushed out of our comfort zone. You can go to the gym and walk on the treadmill and have a sauna and go home and get absolutely NOTHING out of it. CrossFit is a place were you will be pushed out of your comfort zone on a daily basis and from there growth happens on all levels. You’ll do things you never thought possible and become stronger physically and mentally and if you can check your Ego you’ll get emotionally stronger too.

3. HEALTH- Health is a combination of training, nutrition, and managing stress and doing it consistently over time for days, weeks, months and years. CrossFit is a place where we preach good training habits, good eating habits and healthy lifestyle habits that can be replicated time and time again and provide you with long lasting health and happiness.

Is it perfect? NO, nothing is perfect in this life. Can you get hurt? YES anything you do that stresses the body can cause injury. You can twist your ankle hiking in the forest. Can anyone do it? YES!!! As long as you hvae the right attitude, community and coach. Anyone can do CrossFit. Are all CrossFit gyms the same? NO Just like anything there are good and bad ones you just have to find the right one.

Don’t knock it tell you try it and give it the right approach. It just might change your life like it changed mine.

Coach Dan