We have our next 8 Week Challenge Starting in September and the spots are filling up already! 

This 8 Week Challenge on top of our regular style of challenge Im offering the Performance Challenge with me as your Coach.

So what is the Performance Challenge? After years of coaching Pro Boxers and doing fight camps where I take care of their workout programming, nutrition, recovery strategies, supplement protocols, weight cuts I’ve designed the best way for a pro athlete to get in the best shape possible and guess what? they look absolutely shredded at the end of it too.

The Performance Challenge with Coach Dan is just that, an intensive 8 week Camp where we decide what your “fight” or test will be at the end of it and we will not make it easy but you will have 2 goals both performance related to train for and test. For example it might be a 1-rep max Deadlift and a 5k Run and you try and PR both or a 1-rep Snatch and a Hero Workout. From there I design a training program, nutrition program, recovery strategies, supplement regime that leads you to smash these goals and tests.

In the process you will get in the best shape of your life, training with intent and goals and treating yourself like a pro athlete you will grow both mentally and physically as a human, you will leave the 8 weeks a whole new person.

Im super excited for this Challenge and to coach you to a whole new level! Performance Coaching is what Im best at in this whole world.

Im only taking 5 People for this Performance Challenge , so if you’re interested please email me at radixperformance@live.com and lock in your spot for September.

We also have our regular 8 week challenge happening with Coach Rach too and spots are filling up fast so if you’re interested get your spot locked up today! September is going to be an awesome month and I can’t wait to see what kind of change we can help you make.

Coach Dan