Alpha Training Systems

ATS Oakville is the newest hub for Athlete Coaching. If you’re looking for the athletic advantage in your sports training that will help your quest for a college scholarship, Alpha Training Systems is the place to be.

Coach Coffin is a former university athlete, playing football at the University Of Waterloo, and playing semi-pro afterwards. His passion for the sport has led him directly into coaching, both on field and in the gym. His journey started In his garage, and now he is very excited to be starting Alpha Training Systems! Over the years of training Coach Coffin has trained in multiple different styles, finally finding a system that maximizes athletic potential.

Meet Coach Coffin!

Every athlete he has trained has gone on to a university program as an athlete, across multiple sports. He believes that working hard and training efficiently will allow every player to unlock their true potential. His high high energy always leads to some fun and intense training sessions.

Coach Coffin is passionate about helping young athletes educate themselves on how to train efficiently, and achieving their true athletic potential. His connections at the university level has allowed for him to create relationships with multiple universities in Ontario, and on the east and west coast.

He loves talking to scouts about his athletes! He also loves to train anybody who wants to make changes in their lives, and train hard! As long as you’re willing to work hard, coach Coffin is more than happy to train you! He is certified in Athletic Coaching and Personal Training from Westside Barbell.