February Member of the Month

Every Month we take a second and think about the people who put a lot of time and effort into themselves here at Radix and we decide who deserves member of the month.

This months Member of the Month is Marta! Marta is such an amazing part of our community here at Radix, always comes in with a smile on her face and ready to work hard. It’s been really amazing to watch her grow as an athlete and person over her time here at Radix.

She’s been apart of our  2018 CrossFit Open, 12 week Challenge, In- House Comp and now our 2019 CroosFit Open Prep Squad! She’s fully involved and getting better and better week by week. 

Her willingness to push herself to new levels week after week inspires us all to be better! It’s always a better class when Marta is a part of it.

“I’ve been at Radix for 2 years and it’s been amazing. It started off as a “gym” I signed up for and now has become much more than that. I look forward to each time I get a chance to come in to train, from all the friendly faces, amazing trainers and overall upbeat and encouraging environment. I’m proud to be a part of the Radix fam – Marta

Thank you Marta for being such an amazing person and part of our community.

Mobility of the Month
This Months Mobility of the month is hip focused, we will be spending more time becoming more mobile through what can be such a problem area for you all! For an at home start try this 3x a week at night before bed.


Movement of the Month
This Months Movement of the Month is a lot of people’s worst nightmare and thats why we need to do it!
Thrusters!! We are going to be spending a bit more time getting better at this full body movement! For some tips on how to have a better thruster check out this video!


Deal of the Month

This month’s deal of the month is 5 Star Whey Protein! You can save the tax all Month long! We have Vanilla, Chocolate and PB Chocolate!

Keep training hard all month long!