Get your R&R!

It seems kinda counter-intuitive that rest be such a huge part of making #gainz. You’d think the harder you work and the more time you work the better right?

Wrong! The smarter you work and the harder you rest the bigger the gainz and the better the performance! Now everybody is a bit different and you need to know where your limitations lie but I know for fact that if you don’t take your recovery seriously then your not reaching your potential.

So assuming you’re on a well-developed plan designed for you by Radix Performance and your putting in the work (if not you better be messaging me soon) what is your recovery strategy? I’ll give you the first 3 priorities you should be doing.

1. Sleep! Man everything works better when you sleep 8-10 hours a night!!! Everything from your hormones to recovery to performance will go up when you sleep properly, do it!

2. Eat enough proper calories! Recovery takes energy and that energy comes from food and to maximize that potential you should be eating the right food. Contact Rach today for a free consultation about 3 square meals and how it can take your game to a whole new level.

3. Get Out of the Gym! Weird right? There should be 2 days of the week that you should not be in the gym! 1 of them for a complete rest day and 1 of them to do something fun and use your fitness, go biking, hiking, climbing, swimming, play ball. A mental break from the place you kill yourself everyday will help keep you motivated and on track. Find something else you love and do it!

If these 3 things aren’t a part of your routine then it’s the first place you should look when things aren’t feeling right in the gym.

Coach Dan