Week Two of The Open in the Books! This was workout was awesomely programmed. I love it and the FOMO I had was real. Judging so many of you took a little bit of the sting away. I was so happy to see so many of you do so well.

What I love about CrossFit and The Open is it exposes everyone to where their physical weakness lies and also exposes ego’s all at the same time. Its really a beautiful thing. Your good endurance runner but can’t doubleunder? You’re in trouble. You can deadlift 500 pounds but can’t do a bodyweight pull-up… you are also in trouble. You can do a 1000 burpees non stop but cant overhead squat a PVC pipe? haha good luck.

There’s nothing like CrossFit, you have to be the complete package to be good. No other style of training or competing can boast to say the same.

Thats why you guys rock! You put yourself on the line week after week, you get exposed to what your not good at and you fight to be better, you don’t shy away you attach it head on. Thats growing in life and as an athlete and yes each and everyone of you are athletes regardless of what you think.

Keep working towards getting better and better, your body and mind will thank you.

This weeks shoutouts go to Jacob at 898 reps RX just amazing bro, James finishing his first skipping workout, Anna Gambrell with 485 reps RX. Andrew M coming in at 5am on Saturday morning is savage.

  Daniella putting in a hell of a fight in her second attempt this morning with a totally different strategy and 60 more reps. She got one round in and I stopped the clock, her doubleunders looked like trash, with Daniella I don’t hold back. “Well that looked like shit, whats up?” , her response “my rope doesn’t feel right” So I got her new cable switched up the crinked up one, fixed the rope and we got going AGAIN, so much better. Coach making sure she doesnt self sabotage. While everyone else around tells her how awesome she is (its true) I keep it real and make sure she know hows to get better, what she did wrong and what I expect out of her and… she’s still awesome. Good Job Daniella.

Funny story from this weeks workout, Tony came in this morning after getting back from Costa Rica and he was ready to go, I judged him and we have been working on his skipping for months and he went from using the “fake” ropes to practice to 300 singleunders a day and was able to crush 24.2 and all the singleunders BUT we’re half way in and his shoes came untied (COMMON TONY! double knot those badboys) There is NOTHING worse then skipping and untied shoes, he got back on the rower and I went over and tied his shoes while he rowed, he didn’t miss a beat! There’s not too many first I have In CrossFit and Coaching anymore but tieing someones shoes while they rowed was anew one, I found it funny. Good Job Tony!

Im so proud of you guys, that atmosphere is just electric around these workouts.

Shoutout to everyone getting it done while out of town! Pramod in India , Alex K in Florida, Nick K in DR, Tony in Costa Rica. Staying committed regardless of where you are! Super awesome!

Week 3 is coming… whats it going to be?!

My prediction is Wallballs and T2B.

What do you think?

Coach Dan