Good morning!

Spring is finally here in Ontario and as you may have noticed we’ve been running quite a bit more! Running is awesome and something I think is a fundamental human movement. If you’re not used to running so many kilometres a week it’s important you take care of your feet, shins and calves or you might pay the price in the next couple weeks.

A couple things you can do to help.
1. Use foam rollers and lacrosse balls to release extra tight muscles in your feet and calves. Spending a couple minutes a day in those tight spots i the bottom of your feet, calves and shins, well worth it.

2. Stretching tight muscles after workouts- doing some stretching holds in the 1-2 min range post workout will pay off long term as well and bonus it will make your squat position better over time.

3. Eat more healthy food! If you’re putting in A LOT of extra miles each week you need to more healthy food to recover and perform better long term.

4. When you start sweating A LOT you NEED to replace water and electrolytes! If you become dehydrated your performance and recover decreases significantly. Making sure pre and post workout you have enough water, salt, magnesium and potassium will help you recover and perform better and FEEL better all day long, you’ll get less hunger cravings as a BONUS!

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THIS WEEK! We will be Testing! We have three STRENGTH tests and THREE Conditioning TESTs. Im so excited for you all! You’ve put in so much hard work and it’s time to see that hard work pay off with some awesome lifting and conditioning tests.

The TESTs will happen Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Come excited, rested and prepared!

You need to be both Mentally and Physically prepared to do your absolute best. Eat well, Hydrate and sleep enough and you will be firing on ALL cylinders and ready to PR!

Coach Dan