The Sound of Silence

I recently had a couple minor car issues, nothing too concerning or pricey which I was happy about. My battery died and the cable that opens the hood of my car was busted lol. So Andrew helped me push the car 2 doors down to the mechanic beside us and he was able to put a new cable in it and battery.

I went to pick up the car the day after it was fixed and when I started it, it sounded like a scene out of The Fast and Furious, the exhaust system didn’t even sound like ti was there… The mechanic looked at me and I had no clue why it sounded like that. He looked under the car and someone had come by cut the catalytic converter right off of my exhaust and it was just hanging on the ground, he then check out all the other cars in the parking lot there and they had cut all those catalytic converters out as well. Pretty crazy, I felt bad that he had to replace them all but he did and I got my car back.

I drove home that night and went to turn my radio on and my radio no longer worked either, at first I was a little annoyed, I love driving home to country music as the sun comes down and “Chillin on a dirt Road” is on the radio. Instead there was just silence, just me, my thoughts, the day that just passed and I was annoyed.

It’s funny in a moment of annoyence you could have a really interesting thought that wouldn’t have happened if my radio wasn’t busted and there wasn’t silence. My thought was maybe I need a time of silence everyday and this was a good and forced thing that I was gonna ride out for the next couple weeks.

Sofor the last 2 weeks I’ve been driving to and from the gym in silence. Just me, some crazy thoughts, prayers, reflection and the thoughts of what happened that day or was going to happen.

It’s been pretty awesome to be honest with you. At first my thoughts went something like ” Man Coach Tylers new haircut is dope”” I always wanted to be a viking””Maybe if I grow my hair out shave the sides and braid it down the middle my dreams will come true?” Then they started to get more deep like “Would it be better to be lean and jacked no matter what I ate but still unhealthy? or Is better to have to work at it by eating healthy and training hard and then your lean and jacked and healthy but you have to sacrifice for it” ? Hmmmm ” But imagine eating a 6 pack of donuts everyday and still having a 6 pack?”
And eventually it was a time of reflection where I could process the day. “I’m honestly so lucky to be able to work and be a leader in this environment at Radix, life can be pretty amazing!” I get home a little happier every time.

A little challenge for you today, spend the next week driving in silence at least once a day, reflect on life, the good and bad. In this world of instant gratification, media thats at the tip of your fingers in real time, it’s time to take a step back and comfortable with who you are and whats going on inside.

Have an awesome Monday RadixFam!

-Coach Dan