Weird Things that Make me Happy

Driving into work this morning I was thinking about the weird stuff that makes me happy. Maybe I’m just weird or maybe it’s somethings you do to and maybe it’s normal or maybe we’re both just weird but I thought these were interesting observations and at the end of the day it’s the little things in life that really make it worth living. I hope you enjoy my list and feel free to email me the weird shit that makes you happy cause I find it hilarious!

My List!

1. Waking up at 4:59 instead of 5am- 60 seconds can be a long time! Ask anyone holding a plank with 45 pounds on their back! But I set my alarm for 4:59 every morning cause it makes me happy to be 1 minute ahead of everyone else that wakes up at 5 am!

2. My Tablespoon- I’m a macro counter so I use a tablespoon for measuring all kinds of things but every morning I put a tablespoon of honey in my Morning shake and I don’t wash it, stay with me. I take that tablespoon with me to work and for my first snack I have a tablespoon of almond butter and I use my honey tablespoon to eat my almond butter. That sweet honey taste with my almond butter is unreal with no extra macros. It makes me happy

3. New Training Shoes Every 4 months- They make me happy 🙂

4. Eating my veggies first – I like to eat my least favorite things first then make my way towards my most favorite, I’ve done it since I was child. It’s always made me happy.

5.  Country Music- After a 14 hour day, I like to drive my beater home windows open and listen to country music. It slows my life down and reminds me of growing up in the country, life goes by way too fast and for some reason that twang slows it down for me.

6. Donuts- Always have and will make me happy!

7- 2 Part Epsom Salt Baths – So if you have a bath tub that can fully cover a 6’1 210 pound man then you have nothing in this world to complain about but I don’t but I do like to a take a steamin hot epsom salt bath twice a week. SO I boil 3 large pots of water and get my tub as hot as possible, dump some epsom salts in there then soak my legs first and the 10-12 minutes later slide down to soak my upper body, the 2 part Epsom salt bath is amazing, relaxes my muscles and mind so I feel way more zen after. Happy!

Life is so short, it’s so easy to dismiss the little things, especially the little things that happen every week that make us happy. Recognize them, enjoy them, share them. Make someone else happy! That always makes me feel happy too!