24.3! How’d you do?!

Another Year and Another Open finished!
3 awesome workouts that I believe were well planned and worked to show you where your fitness and abilities are at, it also gives you what you need to work on for next year!

Did the dubs trip you up? Now you know Did you get your first Bar muscle up?! amazing! Did burpees leave you dead on the ground? haha thats normal.

Daniella killed it with 3 rounds of the Bar Muscle ups and heavy thrusters, last year she couldn’t ever do a bar muscle up or thrusters that heavy and this year she could do them and lots of them, thats hard work and progress.

Sandy was pumping out bar muscle ups in the Mens 50-54 year old division doing sets of 5 at a time is very impressive! 

It was so awesome to see Rach complete her first Open since 2017 when she did with Malachi in her belly and she did them all RX! Thats my lady!

To everyone who showed up every week and got it done, gave their all and pushed themselves I salute you, Im proud of you and Im excited for what this year will bring!

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the next round quarterfinals in both the age group and open divisions! We got some work to do! I have special quarterfinals programming if you’re not on my list and would like to be please lmk.

So whats next?!

Now is the perfect time to reflect, write down what you’ve accomplished this year that you weren’t able to last, write down what movements you struggled with, write down whether you were feeling more muscle fatigue or was it you couldn’t breathe? Then write down what you want to accomplish this year. It’s the perfect time set small and big goals. 

If you’re looking to take your game to the next level I can always help you, my personal programming team absolutely crushed the open this year, we spent the last year shoring up weaknesses, building capacity and strength and reaping the benefits. Daniella and Jacob can both attest to how well it works. If you’re interested in making this coming year your absolute best and are ready for some personal programming send me and email radixperformance@live.com and we will set up a meeting to go over everything you need to do to be successful! 

It’s time to keep working on our strength, developing gymnastics skills and increasing capacity!
Everyone will be working on getting their first muscle up in our next cycle and even though you may not you will be setting the foundation for muscle ups to come.

Next Cycle looks like this!

Pause Back Squat
Floor Press

Pendlay Row
Cossack Squat

Sumo Deadlift
Seated Press

Aerobic Capacity

Overhead Squat
Muscle Up Progression


Yes there is still conditioning everyday!

Coach Dan