Tony’s First CrossFit OPEN

Tony emailed me after his first Open 24.3 Finish and I thought the email was great perspective! Here’s Tony’s thoughts on joining The Open for the First Time.

“Hey coach,

I signed up for the open , not sure why, (lol the coach told me too, that’s why) and so far everything you have told me to do has created net benefits. 
Just finished and now I’m reflecting on what I accomplished ( this blurb and self talk an accomplishment in itself) 

Once again the benefits that came out of signing up and participating in the open were not completely apparent to me. Initially my thought was that I’ll suck at most of these open workouts, but they will serve as a starting point for next year’s open.
Well, I accomplished the starting point, completed all 3, but the current feeling of accomplishment I have is unparalleled and something I’ve never felt before.
I’ve never been more proud of a 158,049th finish (as of now), I’m not last and had the balls to put myself out there, and didn’t give a shit how or what the result was going to look like. 
My mindset was that I was going to do it, 
I did it.
 And now I will work towards doing it better the next time.

This for me is the biggest win, I used to shy away as a kid, teenager, adult from competition, always worried about “what are they going to think” “what if I fail?’

Now, I don’t care, now,  the answer to the first question I used to fear is “they’re going to think he is going for it, he has guts, man he works hard” …. and the answer to the 2nd question is “who cares if I fail, what did i learn from the experience, and how can I improve.” 

This is a major mindshift for me, and it exists because of what I have learned through this journey with you coach & Radix. 

When I drop these notes I think “man coach is thinking I’m just blowing sunshine up his ass” but man is it ever real, the results are the real deal, and your way, the Radix way of “choose your hard” puts it all into perspective and creates results. 

It isn’t necessarily easy, and is not quick, and it shouldnt be because the behaviours and habits that are changing were developed over years/decades,  but anyone can achieve success 1 workout, meal, day, step at a time. 

Initially I had no idea what would be possible, so I bought into the ” trust the process” mantra you gave me, and hung onto that for dear life in the beginning.
Then, when shit started happening, weight dropping, fat pounds dropping, pant size shrinking, getting stronger , meal prep got easier, my mind started telling me I can do this, just show up and DO every day and continue to trust the process.
I  am at the point now where I  trust myself because I have the confidence to fail, as I know that any failure is actually a step to breakthrough to the next success, whatever that success is. And the fallback for me is always “trust the process” whenever I need a boost all things directly related to my journey at Radixgym.

Some of my days start off shitty, but I usually just get them going with Radix (nowadays 300 single unders) and it all flows positively from there.
Some days are amazing, energy to boot and kickass days, but everyday is filled with purpose, and I really appreciate the god given opportunity to really live everyday.

The camaraderie at Radix is amazing, everyone so positive, and you and Tyler are really some kind of special in a good way!

Had to snip the shot below, lol who would have thought I would bask in the glory of 158,000th in the world but I am. Thanks to you coach for everything you have done for me!” TONY S.

Amazing job Tony! We’re still moving forward! You have another date with Murph my friend!

Coach Dan