3 Tips to Survive your First CrossFit Class at Radix!

It’s been a long week for me, I was sick for the whole beginning of the week and then found out Im having shoulder surgery in just 4 weeks. So much to do before then but I wasn’t able to write my Newsletter on Monday and it’s bugged me all week, so it’s Friday and I have 3 tips to survive your first CrossFit Class here at Radix. Send them to your friends and help us grow as an awesome community of people!

Showing up to your first class is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, the unknown, the build up of what you made it out to be in your mind, the Crossfit Fail videos on YoutTube, the list goes on and I totally get it. Its intimidating, its scary, will you be judged by super fit people? will you fall on your butt during lifting or fall off a box during the conditioning? Probably Not lol but the thoughts can drive you crazy. So I’ve come up with 3 tips to help you survive your first class here at Radix even if it’s the busiest class of the day.

TIP 1- If you feel lost in the gym, surrounded by people and have no clue where your going you need to stop immediately, cup both hands over your mouth and scream “Wooooo” . Coach Tyler CANNOT and WILL NOT resist the urge to scream it back at you, you then follow his voice back to safety, he’ll take care of you.

TIP 2- If Coach Tyler isn’t around and your lost in the sea of awesome people who can’t resist the urge to talk to you, YELL “10 seconds” in the loudest most aggressive voice you can. Radix Members will run to there nearest rower, bike or ski erg anticipating the MetCon to come from Coach Jon, then proceed to the find Coach Jon he’ll take care of you.

TIP 3- If for some reason its just so busy that neither of our awesome CrossFit Coaches can help you look for the EXIT sign at the fronmt of them gym follow it to the lady (my mom) behind the front counter and tell her there’s dust in the back corner of the gym that hasn’t been cleaned. She will clear out the whole gym to get a vaccuum and clean it up and anybody in her way WILL feel her rage!

3 different strategies, 3 ways of getting the same result, all YOU need to do is show up and you have 3 ways to survive and you’ll leave way stronger than you came and one day you’ll hear a new person come in and all of a sudden SCREAM Woooo and you’ll know they’re just trying to survive!

-Coach Dan