4 Years- A look Back

It’s been 4 years Now at Radix, I honestly don’t know how 4 years goes by like that but it does. Taking a look back its pretty incredible to see!

4 years ago Rach and I looked at the spot we are currently at Radix and made an offer to the guy trying to sublet the spot. They didn’t accept, I moved on, kept praying and believing the right spot would come along and kept training and training people out of my garage gym.

A week later we got a call saying they wanted to negotiate and we came to mutual terms. We got the keys and reno’s began. There were certain people who were there for us and with us right from the beginning.
My brother Nate and his wife Danielle, Jeffy ‘El Silicone’ Redden and his girlfriend Leyanna, Nigel ‘Nigie Bear’ Ito, Jacob ‘Rich Froning Jr. Jr.’ Pritchett and Nick ‘Lonely Nick,Ol’Man’ Karadza helped us lay that rubber we all workout on every day. 

The first year was insane, I don’t know what I actually remember except I coached 8 hours a day between classes and clients and was at the gym 14 hours a day. I had no idea how to run a business but I gave people everything I knew in training and programming. I have always and always will care about each and every single person who walks through our doors, I believe in giving them the absolute best of who I am and what Radix is day in and out. I also got engaged to Rach on the grand opening event and married 7 months later. 

The 2nd Year things started to flow, classes were built, my client load was full. I started to understand somethings about business but I was getting a first hand, hands on education that the future of my family was dependant on. Stress was higher but I’ve always worked hard since my early teens and knew I could always take care of Rach and I. I lived on Personal Training money and didn’t take anything from the business. Maybe I was working so much I didn’t think about it or I just loved what I did so much it didn’t matter, but I was never really stressed out during this time and Rach was pregnant so I was always happy!

The 3rd year was different man, LOL We had a baby who’s future depended on us, we slept less, I worked more to make up for what Rach could no longer Coach and I lost one of my long term Coaches (love you Fraze) But we found Tyler whom I also love like a younger brother and I started to learn how to delegate, be a leader and I started these challenges that help our business grow at the end of Year 3 I hired Jon to free me up(love you too Jon) and started building and implementing more back end work, coaching Comp Class, doing online programming and dreaming about what more Radix could become.

During this whole Time Amanda ran Radix Barbell (formerly Sabaria) like the Champ she is and delegating some classes where Kylie has stepped in to do an amazing job herself. I thank you and love you both!

The last year has been the best year Radix has had, we’ve grown to all time high’s, The Challenges have taken on a life of their own, we run 4 Olympic Weightlifting Comps a year. It’s not easy and just like a good MetCon it shouldn’t be but I sleep more, I work less and the future seems brighter than ever.

Tomorrow I go into surgery and take 2 weeks off, with a 6 week challenge running, The Open Prep Team in full training, PT clients who are taken care of and a gym that will run like I was there. That’s pretty incredible. I’m still learning, I still need to be better but a big reason why I’m having this surgery is I have and always believed that I should be a Leader and not a Boss and to lead I need to do it by example and to do it by example I should be able to do the workouts that I prescribe to you on a daily basis. I want you to know and believe that I believe in what we are at Radix 100%, whole heartedly.

I thank you guys for believing in me for all the amazing messages I’ve received over the last week, for showing up and giving your workouts 100%, Thank You, My Dream means nothing without you guys. It means everything to me to have you apart of it.


-Coach Dan