500m Row Throwdown!

Another awesome week in the books at Radix! Some really cool things that happened this week and Im excited.

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Last Friday at Radix we tested our 500m row time and man was that cool to see how around 2 minutes or less can make you feel when the effort is that high! It all started Thursday when Leo got it done early and the WHOLE 930 class gathered around and watched him and cheered him on! He went HARD. Then all day Friday anyone who came in got at it and it was amazing! From little Samantha 2:41 to Breanna’s 1:50 to Leo’s 1:32 to Dave H. 1:30 it was just awesome!

I love the 500m Row Test because it takes the right amount of power, power endurance and mental fortitude to hurt and get your absolute best time, regardless of training level, the level of hurt is all dependant on how bad you want it and ultimately your time shows you where you can get better. Thats why I love these tests!

I’ve done the 500m row so many times over the last 10 years and every time it puts me in a dark place. I did it in a team comp with Rach and Nick K before maxing out a 1rm Thruster in the same workout (jiggly leg Thruster!). Ive done a 500m row tournament where I rowed 500m 5x in a head to head bracket and winner went on to the next round, I won the whole tournament doing 500m row max effort 6 times in under an hour! Ive done it twice at Power Monkey Camp in Tennessee with some of the best CrossFitters in the world. I rowed head to head against Pat Vellner (Canadian CrossFit Games Athlete) and beat him! I got to work with an Olympic Gold medalist rower on technique too which is also amazing. 

My best 500m Row was 1:12 at Power Monkey Camp 5 years ago in front of some of the fittest people in the world, only 2 seconds slower than the world record. I got off the rower tried to walk, legs buckled and I dropped to the ground, my hands wouldn’t open but the feeling was just amazing!

I say all that just so you know when you complain to me about how much it hurt, I don’t care hahaha It should hurt and Im smiling 🙂

You all killed it! Im glad you hurt and Im proud of how you did!

If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level and PR your 500m row or any other test reach out to me and we can chat about your goals and how we can get you there!

Coach Dan