The BEST Movement you’re NOT doing?!

I know you might think “well Coach Dan, I just do what you say” and yes I program every weeks workouts but its tough to get in EVERYTHING every week.

I do my absolute best to make Radix Programming the most well rounded programming possible with two decades of experience, testing and tinkering I truly believe Ive developed something that is World class for the everyday gym goer!

That being said it is IMPOSSIBLE for it to be perfect and thats why I developed Coach Dan’s Individualized personal programming for those of you looking to push a bit further and deeper into your fitness where we can shore up weaknesses ands work towards BIG GOALS!

One thing I would love to see you add to your accessory work either before or after your daily workouts.

1 Leg Romanian Deadlift – 1 leg RDL is a unilateral lower body pull movement that will work your glutes, hamstrings, core, co-ordination and balance! We all develop imbalances over the years of sports or just being left or right handed and they can lead to bigger problems over time if we don’t address those imbalances.

The 1 leg RDL is the one movement i would choose for you to build your lower body and core and keep you healthy long term.

Take a look for some pointers

Start off with 3 sets of 8 reps per leg once per week at a light weight and increase weight every week over 4 weeks and you’ll notice a difference!

The benefits to your health and fitness will be well worth the extra 5 minutes of work.

Coach Dan