8 Weeks Can Change your Life and Body!

I just wrapped up another 8 Week Challenge with some awesome gentlemen and some amazing results!

8 Weeks in life can happen so fast, in the blink of an eye and one of two things can happen. A. You just let time go by, you coast through life and get what work you need to get done to maintain, family time happens and you hit your workouts on a weekly basis, you eat mindlessly and you are the same as you were 8 weeks before.

Option B. You have Intent with what you want to accomplish, there’s a plan and goals and you get after each day with intent and those goals in mind! What can be accomplished in those 8 weeks will astonish you.

Let me tell you about Tony, Tony started our last 8 week challenge at 34% Body fat, in the worst shape of his life with no energy and just getting by BUT Tony was ready for change and he willing to follow everything I told him to do. Tony showed up 5 days a week for the next 8 weeks to hit a workout here at Radix and followed the nutrition plan I designed specifically for him. He cut out alcohol and pop and walked 15 000 steps a day. Over the course of 8 weeks Tony went from 34% body fat down to 21%!!! He lost 32 pounds of pure fat while gaining 4 pounds of lean muscle mass!! On top of all that Tony built lifestyle habits to last a lifetime, got in the best physical shape he’s ever been in and mentally became stronger and more confident in himself and what he can accomplish when he put’s his mind to it! This is 8 weeks in his life that was well earned and lived!

We are starting our NEXT 8 Week Challenge Saturday January 14th and we want to you to join us! To make that life and body changing decision!

I spent 8 weeks in the summer really pushing my mind and body to a new level. I had lost some muscle over the 2 years I spent landscaping and over last winter added some more fat. I was maintaining my strength by weightlifting regularly but my cardiovascular conditioning was hurting. With the gym re-opening AGAIN and me being back full time I decided it was time for me to get back in real shape, to build muscle and cut down fat, to be strong and well-conditioned. I wanted to have energy and my performance to be at the best it could be. I wanted to perform that way AND look good doing it. I built out nutrition, supplement and training plans and incorporated some NEAT strategies to get as lean as possible without the loss of muscle, and over 2 months it worked and it worked really well. I dropped my bodyfat percentage below 6%, my lifts got stronger steadily and grew muscle, and as that was happening my conditioning was getting better and better. I keep track of everything and the reasons WHY it was working. At 37 years old and 6 months after the birth of my twin boys Ezekiel and Micah, in a time period where most Dads get fatter, lazier and have every excuse to coast, I got in the best shape of my life. The proof is in the pudding. 

I’m looking for 10 PEOPLE who want to make that change over 8 weeks, 10 PEOPLE who will not give excuses as to why they can’t, who want the challenge of doing something 99% of other people won’t do. After 8 weeks you WILL be STRONGER, FITTER, LEANER and have more muscle than ever before. I will take care of every aspect of the journey. From Nutrition to Training to NEAT to Challenges to push your mental barriers, you will leave this 8 weeks a whole NEW Person. 

If you’re not 100% committed to it, I don’t want you, and that’s ok, it’s not your time. I’m looking for 10 PEOPLE who are ready for something different to stand out of the crowd. Where people look at you and know you’re serious. I need 100% commitment to every aspect of this over 8 weeks, NO If Ands or Buts.
I want transformations that are staggering. 8 weeks will go by real fast and you could be a whole new Person.

If you want the full program details and breakdown, please email me at radixperformance@live.com


We get started Monday January 15th!!