A Inner Dialogue with Myself – 2 Hours on The Assault Bike

As many of you know I will be Assault Biking for 12 hours to raise money for The Dream Dealer and all 150+ Kids we take care of in Haiti, they are orphan kids who have nothing. Thank you everyone who has donated! We are over $10,000 raised! If you want to donate please go on thedreamdealer.org and hit that DONATE button.

Last week I did a 2 hour ride at race pace which is 58-59 rpms and just over 700 calories an hour. I ended up ahead of my pace and got to coast out the final 10 minutes and got my 1400 calories in. During a 2 hour Assault Bike Ride A LOT can happen in your MIND, let’s take a journey into my mind for a 2 hour ride!…There’s 2 people who live in there Coach Dan (CD) and Athlete Dan (AD). 

0-2mins- CD-“Dan keep your pace down 62rpm is too fast” 
AD- “But I feel great, I’m in good shape man”

min2-10- AD ” I wonder how many Donuts worth of calories I’ll burn today”
CD “Bitch please, you don’t get donuts, you’re an athlete, broccoli for you”

min10-20- CD-“Hey dude, keep your pace at 58rpm and stop grabbing that electrolyte”
AD- “I’m dying Coach I’ll never make it, there’s an infinity between now and the end”
CD- “Your such a baby”

min30 – AD “I can do this shit all day long, ain’t nothing stopping me now”
CD ” Calm down killer, you still got 90 minutes left today”

min 30-45 – AD Jeopardy Theme Song plays on repeat
CD- ” How did I end up with this dummy as my athlete”

min 45-60 – AD ” Man Im Hungry AF, like my stomach is eating itself for calories, how do I not get a donut after this
CD- *shakes head* “It’s literally impossible for your stomach to eat itself”

min 60- AD ” NICE! Time for this super carb strawberry shake the lady at Cyclepath gave me”
CD- ” That thing is going to taste horrible, hahahaha”
AD- ” F! Thats nasty!

min 60-75 AD- ” I honestly believe the people in the gym hate me and thats why they donated, they want me to die so they never have to ride this thing again”
CD- ” I feel the same way”

min 75-90- AD “My legs are led man, I can’t go on, the pace is too high and life is too rough”
CD- ” After this ride I’m going to give you the beating of your life”

CD- * Face Palm*

min 105-120- AD “1 is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do, 2 can be as bad as 1 it’s the loneliest number since the number 1” – Three Dog Night (song)
CD- ” How do you even know that song?”
AD- ” Ive spent a lot of nights alone”
CD- *Hugs AD*
AD- ” I love you Coach”
CD- “Love you too buddy”

This week is 3 hours! Imagine what goes on in my mind at that point!

Coach Dan