A Week in REVIEW

A couple shoutouts this week to start the newsletter, Congrats to Edda who did a half marathon on Saturday! Still got all her workouts in the week too!

Rami is 4 weeks post 8 week challenge and he gained a 1 pound of lean muscle and lost 5 more pounds of fat as well! Amazing job Rami!

I’ve been so impressed with watching so many of you develop over this year and over the last cycle seeing how much better your olympic lifting has gotten has also been amazing, when you send or tag me in videos I get super excited to see and Im so impressed with your development, Coach Ty has done such a good job with you all!

Carolina, Sheetal, Leo, Rob Ive noticed all of your hard work on movement and mobility, its inspiring!

Another training cycle has come and gone and the past 6 weeks focused in on Olympic Weightlifting. By now I really hope you know what a Snatch and Clean and Jerk are… otherwise Tyler is fired LOL

I personally love Olympic lifting! But I understand how long it takes to feel competent and how frustrating the learning curve can be with both lifts. Its so rewarding and so frustrating at the same time. It takes strength, power, technique and mobility to put together a beautiful looking heavy lift. I think thats the beauty in it!

Tyler had a beauty 225 pound Snatch PR this cycle! With some of you competing this coming Saturday and maxxing out Im excited to see where you end up!

I’d really love to know what you thought about this pass cycle? Did you learn a lot? Did you enjoy the movements and your progress? Im really interested to know.

I’m also interested to know what you would like to work on going forward? What interests you in fitness? Strength?, Conditioning?, More Weightlifting? Hypertrophy work?, Gymnastics skills?

What really floats your boat?

I always have a vision of what Id like to see you all accomplish over a cycle and what styles of training best compliment each other from cycle to cycle but your opinion matters and Im always curious to know what gets you all excited to train.

Drop me a line and let me know!

Coach Dan