How to Stay Consistent for Life

I had a thought this week about long term consistency and what it takes to stay lean, in shape and healthy for only for years but decades. I reached out to some of our members who have been around for a long time and who I know have been training for over a decade consistently what there number tip for long term success was and this is what the had to say.

First person I reached out to was Nick Karadza who has been a member here at Radix since we opened up and a training partner of mine even longer and been training for decades.

Nicks Number 1 Tip is thinking about how good he feels after the workout. If he’s not feeling it, He knows he always feels better after a workout and the day is better. EVERYTHING is better after a good workout!

Then I talked to Coach Ali who has been crossfitting longer than most anyone I know! Her number 1 tip?
“First Things First”
She works out in the morning before the day gets away from her. She does the things that are priorities early in the day to give herself the best chance of completing them. 

Jacob has been a member at Radix since we opened and been training with me since the garage gym days, Ive been coaching him since he was in high school which is well over a decade, now he’s my training partner and we compete together at CrossFit comps together.

Jacobs #1 tip is to constantly have purpose and trust. For him consistency comes from always having a training goal whether its a comp or a lifting or a physique goal. He needs something to work toward to see his progress and to be putting in that 100% effort.

“Secondly is trust, fitness is best done with a team or Coach. For me that trust came from Coach Dan. I’ve been training with Dan for the better part of 15 years and have never once doubted what he told me to eat, train, lift or do. For 15 years I’ve consistently made improvements and Im still always getting better to this day from listening to what Coach Dan says. He’s one of the best to ever do it.” Jacob

My wife Rach has been CrossFitting for longer than anyone I know. 
She likes to have weakness goals to work on, whether its getting pull-ups or handstand pushups. Pick one of your weaknesses and work on it, as you get better your motivation raises with your success and that snowball turns into an avalanche!

Lastly, I asked my first Transformation Client Mr. Redden who lost 40 pounds over 10 years ago and has kept it off ever since and stay consistently training in his 60’s.
His #1 tip is remembering where you came from, how that felt and never ever wanting to go back to being that person keeps him consistent and man has it worked

I’m over 2 decades of training in and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Seeing Nick walk in grumpy face and all EVERY morning at 6:45 to 7am for the last 8 years we’ve been open brings a smile to my face and if I have an insulting remark for him brings a smile to his face too.

Don’t stop, just show up day by day and you’ll be building a foundation of fitness that lasts a lifetime!

Coach Dan