I’ve been at the cottage all weekend enjoying the sun, the water, some awesome outdoor workouts like 20 minute AMRAP of 400m Run + 30 Squats in the weighted vest and 4k Bike 2k Run 4k Bike for time and lots of swimming! I’ve also had a lot more time in my own thoughts, which is pretty awesome in such a crazy busy world.

This weekend I was thinking about Strength, Raw Physical Strength. I watch feats of strength all the time on instagram, Klokov single arm shoulder pressing 145 pounds, Torokhtiy Jerking 560 pounds, Eddie Hall deadlifting 1100 pounds, these are all crazy feats of human strength and maybe a little help from some unknown compounds 😉 Then it got me thinking that as a human, being weak should not be an option because it’s a choice. Now don’t get me wrong there are exceptions to every rule but I stand by the thought that being weak is NOT an option in my books.

Listen I can get anyone in good conditioning shape in 3 months, I can have you running a 5k, taking 30 seconds or more off your mile time, get you ready for your first jiu jitsu competition to go 5 minute rounds. I cannot make you STRONG in 3 months, I can make you strongER but not Strong compared to your genetic potential. Strength takes months on months and years on years to build. Consistency, consistency , consistently working towards what you’re capable of.

Strength should NOT be measured against other people but rather to what you’re capable of doing. I don’t care if you can deadlift 50 pounds more than your BFF if you still could’ve done 25 pounds more yourself.

Strength should be a life-long pursuit that all your other physical attributes are built off. Your whole life is different when you’re strong. You stay in better long term health, you can play with your kids and grand kids, you have less chance of dying in an avoidable way, your joints will stay healthier and last you longer and the list goes on. 

That doesn’t mean that any other physical attributes should be neglected, because strength with no ability to move yourself over long periods is useless, but Strength takes time and dedication and some frustration and plateaus and needs de-load weeks and a strong mind to keep in the pursuit of being the best you. 

My Challenge to you today is to pursue a life-long passion of Strength and use that strength to help people who are less strong than you because whats the point of being Strong if you can’t lift the people around you up!