Coaching Coach Tyler

If you didn’t read my last newsletter you really should! We were at Polsky’s Strength and Conditioning for a CrossFit comp and I gave the whole morning run down. I guess like any good TV Show, I’ll give you a quick…
Previously on Radix Newsletter Marta and Josh won their divisions and scaled was over and RX is going to start and Coach Dan get’s a phone call…
” Hey Coach I’m going to be late” – Tyler
“WHat the bleep bleep???!! – In my head
” Alright buddy time to run over some cars on the HWY and get here” – Me

Now I would like to tell you I was surprised by this phone call, but that would be a lie. I wouldn’t be Coaching Coach Tyler if everything was gonna be smooth sailing!

So WOD 1 was up – 3km run and guess what, Coach Tyler arrived in time and ready to go in his Jean Shorts. Oh ya baby! Wooooo.
Let me tell you that you cannot match Tylers energy and his Coach I don’t try, that could cause some type of cosmic black hole and send us spiriling into infinity. I take a little more of a laid back approach. It s a 3km run, Tyler run and not too fast at the beginning, when people get tired pass them. Also why are you lined up in front of this huge garbage bin?
3,2,1 GOOOOO
Nearly takes out the garbage bin sprinting towards the road.
Ah, that pep talk really worked well.
Some dude looks at me and is like he’s running in those?
I’m like yeah man that ain’t just show thats GO baby!
10 mins or so later some skinny looking running dude start coming in and then some big rugby dude and right behind him Coach Tyler motoring at a good pace and a lot faster then we had thought. Nice! He tells me how he passed 3 guys on the hill as they slowed down.
Ah, he did listen.

Go rollout and get some sugar and electrolytes into your system.

WOD2 A and B is next 14 minutes
2 Rounds for time of
21 Cal Assault Bike
15 Box Jump Overs 24″
9 Front Squats 155
in remainder of time 1 rep max Clean+Hang Clean+jerk for weight

Alright bro, Come out and get that bike revving up then settle into your pace, then the box jumps you gotta rebound and stay low, once you grab the bar nice and steady into through the squats then we do the same round 2.

He did WOD2a perfectly, that rugby dud DID NOT, he finished 21 cals in 13 seconds and then died the most painful looking crossfit death I have ever seen! Tyler was in 4th after round 1 and the started passing everyone except one guy on round 2, taking 2nd place in the event. HE screamed something about his quads falling off as he got his bar ready for the clean and jerks, I ignored him.

WOD2b is on its way and Tyler is looking good at 185 and 205, I see that 5 guys have hit 215, he asks me what he should do, I say 220. He hits the clean and hang clean in that full depth squat that looks so good. and goes for the jerk, he’s under it locked out and pushing, the weight moves forward a bit and he losses it in front. DAMN so close. He takes 10th with 205, if he hits 220 he gets 5th. Its a tight field.

WOD 3 is 
30 Snatches at 95
20 Burpee lateral bar
10 Ring Muscle ups

Tyler is good at movements 1 and 2 and struggles with his muscle ups. We had a game plan and he kept to it. Jean shorts and all he hit his sets of power snatches then flew threw the burpees and had 5 Muscle up attempts in which he made 2. He was pretty pumped about the 2nd, so was I. 

It was a good day, Tyler wasn’t able to make it into WOD4 and I wasn’t mad at all. He came and he gave it everything he could and now we come back and address his weaknesses.

Coaching Coach Tyler is a pretty awesome thing. I have never met a person who genuinely cares more about other people doing well then himself. There’s no ego with Tyler and his ability to bring smiles to peoples faces is a gift that he has and follows him wherever he goes. The Polsky’s love the guy and he’s only met them twice.

Competing is fun and awesome, competing like Coach Tyler and making everyone else around you happier and have more fun is special.

What a awesome day, I’m proud of who we are at Radix and what we bring to share wherever we go.

-Coach Dan