Broth is from Bones!

Soup is a traditional part of most cultures.

It warms up the digestive system before a hearty course.It is an easy and inexpensive way to use scraps and leftovers.

It crams a lot of vegetables and nutrition into one bowl.

But most importantly, real soup is made with bone broth.

By boiling bones, all the important stuff that makes up our bones is made useable and can be easily assimilated.

That includes all the stuff that makes up joints and tendons, too!

Collagen and gelatin. Calcium – especially important if you’re eliminating dairy products.

And as always, the best ingredients will produce the best results, so use organic/pastured/grassfed bones whenever possible!

There’s a great little shop in Oakville called What’s Good that sells frozen tubs of organic bone broth!

If you don’t have time to make your own, or are a little squeamish about bones, check them out and tell Charleston that Rachael at Radix sent you 🙂

Learn more about broth, or check out some delicious soup recipes.

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