Congrats Dave!

We’re getting closer and closer to The Open!!! We’re going to have a blast this year doing the workouts with each class.

I would love for you to sign up and do the Open with us this year no matter your skill level. 
You can register HERE

This week at Radix, as I creep around the gym silently judging everyones movement patters and technique Im honestly so Impressed. Ive watched and coached 100’s of people over the last 20 years and Ive been in a lot of gyms all around the world and seeing how our members move and move so well is a testament to what we’ve built here and how well our coaches teach.

Kudos to YOU! and shoutout to our amazing coaches. I love it… even when I catch Tanveer doing thrusters when he’s supposed to be doing deadlifts… hahah oh Tanveer.

This past weekend Radix’s own Dave Hainish took triple Gold at the Velodrome in the 3 events he competed in and breaking a National record in the process. We’re so proud of you Dave, what an amazing accomplishment! RadixStrong!

It’s been great being able to do some PT’s with some of you to help perfect certain technique and lifts. Sheetal’s snatch has come such a long way and helping Heather break through a contact issue in her clean and seeing how well it looks is really awesome. I’m available for 1 on 1 at a special membership rate if you ever want to go over something specific. 

My Masters 930 athletes are still coming in early to attach an Open workout every week and I love to see it. Amazing job Laura, Mike, Rocio and Marianne.

Almost Every week for the past 7 years and 3 months (minus Covid times) I will see the Gambrell clan come in to one of the afternoon classes and workout as a fam, these are fam goals! Dave, Alex and Anna (Ryan too but now he’s getting super jacked) you guys inspire me. The consistency, the family bond and the gains! You guys are amazing!

My Open Gym peeps are always inpiring, Nigie Bear complains to me every morning at 730 about how my program doesnt work and he can’t gain muscle! LOL (then tells me how he’s the strongest he’s ever been) and the dynamic duo of Jasmine and Bill Haffejee putting in the hard work and Old man Nick complaining to me about how old and tired he is while he works out for the 20th time that week putting up scores better than 99% of the membership. 7:30 is great!

We had our half way point of the current 8 Week Challenge with some amazing results!! Im so pumped for my crew of Challengers with combined fat loss of 38 pounds and 8 pounds of muscle gained! You guys are killing it!!!

Coach Ty was looking in good form Friday during the metcon! He did that Thruster Devils Press workout with the 50’s in under 15 mins, thats no joke! Lets gooooo

Don’t worry 5:30 class Im coming to hang out with you all soon!

Coach Dan