Consistency over Perfection

Im constantly thinking about what we can do here to help our members have the best experience possible but also the best results possible and in a world bombarded and overloaded with information it can be quite tough to sift out the garbage and find the true gems.

There are so many areas of fitness and nutrition and by areas I mean there’s so many ways to get in shape, to be strong, to have good cardiovascular fitness, there’s also a lot of ways you can eat that will promote health and help you lose fat and gain muscle.

You could choose a good solid workout plan thats has some lifting and some cardiovascular fitness and a good solid nutrition plan with whole foods, protein, healthy fast and complex carbs and not eat too much and you’ll get results. Once you’ve looked at everything out there (which I have) you’ll notice a lot of similarities in what works and the fact that its actually quite simple in theory.

Most of the time the hardest part is actually whats going on in between your ears and whats happening in your heart (not physically but emotionally) that will determine your success.

Today I want to encourage you with a thought that will help your outlook

Your mindset around training and nutrition should be about consistency over perfection.

Perfection is unattainable on so many levels but it can also lead to big swings from super healthy to super unhealthy both physically and emotionally.

Trust me when I say if there’s anyone you know who flirts with this concept (flirt could also mean struggle with) it’s me.

I have my nutrition dialled in 99% of the time, I train 10-12 x a week, my supplements, my recovery strategies are dialled in, I sleep 8+ hours a night … its borderline psychotic, I enjoy it… most of the time. Ive been doing this not for years but for decades (yes plural)

That lifestyle doesn’t come without its downside mentally, physically and relationally. We’ll save that for another day.

Consistency over perfection. Let’s do the math. 365 days a year. Scenario A You show up to the gym 6x a week for 3 months and get burned out and don’t show up tell New Years pops up again, you hit the gym. Thats 72 gym sessions over the course of a year and for 3 months you’re in great shape and the other 9 you’re in bad shape. Scenario B you hit the gym 3x a week consistently over the year over 52 weeks you miss 4 weeks total for vacations and sickness, thats 144 gym sessions a year… ARE YOU KIDDING ME thats LITERALLY and EXACTLY DOUBLE the sessions. You’re fit all year round and make continued progress all year long. You’re happier, healthier and more energetic.

Consistency over perfection and we can run the same 2 scenarios for eating healthy and get the same outcome. Eating consistently healthy 6 days a week all year is going to kill eating to perfection 7 days a week for 3 months and falling off for the rest of the year.

Consistency over perfection is the MOTTO

Tattoo it on you, say it loud, live it and reap every little benefit it brings!

Coach Dan